Monday, July 29, 2013

Guest Post/Giveaway: Surprises & A Giveaway with Jennifer Labelle

  We all know that any good relationship takes work, and a great way to show your significant other how much they’re loved is to spice things up once in awhile.*winks*

  In my latest Edge erotica; Jack, Jewels & Junior: A Naughty Night with the Three Js, Angel Martinez decides to surprise her boyfriend, Brody, to a naughty night of celebratory sex after six blissful months together. Fantasies are played out, new toys are introduced, ‘J’ becomes their favorite letter of the alphabet, and Brody has a surprise of his own for her in the end. It’s an encounter they won’t soon forget.

    Please enjoy the excerpt and blurb below and if you’ve got the chance don’t forget to check out all of my Edge erotica releases, No Strings Attached, Friends with Benefits, and of course Jack, Jewels, and Junior too!

No Strings Attached: 

When Julie Saunders replies to Gunnery Sergeant, Ryan Hawke’s personal ad, he’s relieved he’s found a sane one in the bunch. They both have demanding jobs, and there aren’t enough hours in the day to get out and meet people. Tired of feeling lonely and in need of attention they agree to meet for a no-strings-attached encounter.

But can reality live up to expectations or will their one night together leave them craving more?
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Friends with Benefits:

Collin Harrison loves to have a good time, especially when he’s with his new neighbor, Devin. The two men develop an instant rapport that sparks a desire neither are sure about pursuing. Until one night they both take the leap, turning their friendship into one with scorching hot benefits.

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Jack, Jewels, & Junior: A Naughty Night with the Three J’s


After six months with the man she adores, Angel Martinez has a sexy anniversary night planned. If everything goes her way, their bedroom fantasies will be played out with the help of Jack, Jewels, and Junior, new toys she bought just for the occasion.

Brody Cahill comes home from work expecting an empty apartment and a date with a TV dinner. Instead he’s greeted to the delightful sight of his girlfriend waiting for him, and in the buff no less. Forget dinner, Angel is on his menu! The night takes a delectable twist, “J” becomes his favorite letter of the alphabet, and Brody gives her a special anniversary surprise of his own. This is one naughty night they won’t forget…and hope to repeat!

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Her lips twitched in amusement. Already naked when he walked in the door from work, she had special plans for them that night. She checked him out from top to bottom and her mouth watered.

“We’ve been together six months now, and I thought we should celebrate.” She sauntered forward with a seductive twist of her hips until she stood close enough to withdraw his belt and work the button loose on his pants. “I’d like to introduce you to the three Js tonight. What do you say?” She rubbed the front of his pants and dropped to her knees before unzipping him.

“What are the Js?” He gulped and she trembled with excitement to begin their night of sinful fun. Brody thrust closer to her face and threaded his fingers through her locks to urge her forward. The gesture filled her with satisfaction. The time had come to put her plan in motion and to show him their first J.

“Well, first there is Junior….” She pried her hair loose and bent to the side to drag a small box closer, her head bent forward giving him a perfect view. “Then there’s Jewels, and if you’re really good, and agree to proceed, Jack will come along later.”

She grinned before pulling out some lube and a small plug from their naughty box. “First, meet Junior.”

Best wishes,
Jennifer Labelle


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  1. Thanks for sharing the surprising excerpt and giveaway. This sounds like it belongs on my book shelf. My boyfriend called and invited me over and had dinner on the table, of course, it was take out, but who was I to complain. Once we had dinner, he had a present for me and while I was opening it, he turned on slow sexy music, don't ask what I really can't remember because the I was staring with my mouth open at the naughty gown in the box. I was very surprised that night. (wink) evamillien at gmail dot com.

  2. One weekend when the power was out my husband was being sexy. We had dinner in front of the fire place. Then he laid the futon bed down and brought out the new toys he had bought me online. I love toys!
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  3. My boyfriend planning my surprise birthday party 4 years ago :)

  4. My favorite surprise was when I was a child. I thought we were going to dinner but really my family took us to see New Kids on the Block!! It was a huge surprise and we were SOOOOO exciting!