Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Interview: When I Find You by Dixie Lee Brown

When I Find You
A Trust No One Novel
By: Dixie Lee Brown
Avon Romance
Releasing July 16th, 2013


Dixie Lee Brown continues her heart-racing Trust No One series with a sexy veteran determined to protect an innocent woman on the run.

As a former Marine, Walker could find a needle in a haystack. But when he's asked by the U.S. Marshals to track down a nanny fleeing from the mafia, he's sure she'll be more trouble than she's worth. Especially after the sexy little thing clubs him and leaves him for dead. Walker's stunned by her courage—and her curves—and can't help feeling drawn to this damsel trying to dig her way out of distress. He'll find her, and when he does, it'll take more than the mafia to tear him away.

Darcy Maddox never expected to be running for her life. But when it suddenly looks like foe may become friend, Darcy's faced with a choice: Go it alone or trust a man she just met—never mind the way his touch gets her heart pounding. The choice seems simple enough until she realizes it's not just her life at stake—it's her heart.

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If you were stranded on an island, what and who would you take with you? 

Hopefully there’s no limit to what I could bring because I’m not really into camping out. Lol! Beyond the basic food and shelter items, I would need my Kindle, my laptop, and an unending power supply for both…oh, and my dogs. That’s not asking too much, is it?

Where do you dream of traveling to and why?

Number one on my travel list is New Zealand. I find the beauty and ruggedness of their mountains very appealing. The tantalizing scenery from The Lord of the Rings trilogy takes my breath away. All of that and those charming accents—how could you go wrong?

Tell us about your current release. 

WHEN I FIND YOU is the second book in the Trust No One series, and just released. It’s the story of Walker, an ex-Marine, who goes in search of a nanny on the run from the mafia. Should be fairly easy, but he has no idea how hard it will be to convince the nanny he’s on her side.

Darcy knows who murdered her boss. Now, someone is after her. Why would she trust the dangerous stranger who chased her relentlessly through the wilderness?

Tell us about your next release.  TAKE MY HAND is the third book in the Trust No One series, and no date has been set for its release yet. Ty is an ex-cop whose dangerous past comes back to haunt him and places the woman who just broke up with him in jeopardy.
Rayna is a highly competent and well-trained soldier in her own right, but she just keeps getting in deeper. Her life is dependent on Ty’s response. Will he even bother to come for her after the terrible things she said when she broke up with him?

Plotter or Pantser? Why?  I’ve always been a pantser, but after attending a writer’s conference last year, I decided to give the world of plotting a chance. So for my current WIP, I outlined and wrote out all the major plot points. It took no time at all to veer away from my intended course and head in another direction entirely. I think I’ll skip that step next time and embrace being an unorganized pantser!

About the Author:

DIXIE LEE BROWN started writing romantic suspense nearly twenty years ago. Then life took a few unexpected turns, and the writing career was put on hold in favor of starting a new life and a new job. One’s passion is not easily forgotten, however. Two years ago, Dixie started writing again-a YA novel-but, before she could finish, another idea pushed to the forefront and wouldn’t go away until a full-fledged novel was completed.

That idea became All or Nothing, the first book in the Trust No One series. All or Nothing placed third in the 2011 TARA Contest (Tampa Area Romance Authors) in the romantic suspense category.

Dixie now lives in sunny Central Oregon with two small dogs and a cat for company while she writes the third book of the Trust No One series. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading, movies and trips to the beach.

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  1. So excited to be here today! Thanks so much for having me!

  2. YES! Can't WAIT for Ty and Rayna's story. Whoot! Write faster, Dixie!! LOL

    Oh and I completely agree with you about New Zealand. Definitely on my bucket list!

  3. Lol! I'm writing as fast as I can, AJ! Not enough hours and all that... New Zealand is looking better all the time!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  4. LOL I'm with ya. Camping? Not so much ;) Sounds like a great story Dixie. Can't wait to try it out :)