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#GuestReview Anything for You by @Kristan_Higgins Review by @virg_nelson @HarlequinBooks

Anything for You (Blue Heron #5)
Kristan Higgins
Releases 12/29/2015
ISBN: 9780373789085

Before you get down on bended knee… 

…you should be pretty darn sure the answer will be yes. For ten years, Connor O'Rourke has been waiting for Jessica Dunn to take their on-again, off-again relationship public, and he thinks the time has come. His restaurant is thriving, she's got her dream job at Blue Heron Vineyard—it's the perfect time to get married.

When he pops the question, however, her answer is a fond but firm no. If it ain't broke, why fix it? Jess has her hands full with her younger brother, who's now living with her full-time, and a great career after years of waitressing. What she and Connor have is perfect: friends with an excellent benefits package. Besides, with her difficult past (and reputation), she's positive married life isn't for her.

But this time, Connor says it's all or nothing. If she doesn't want to marry him, he'll find someone who does. Easier said than done, given that he's never loved anyone but her. And maybe Jessica isn't quite as sure as she thinks…

Kristan Higgins never fails to tell a fresh story, as proved by the interesting beginnings to her novels. In the long-awaited tale of Connor O’Rourke, (twin of Colleen, who we met in Waiting on You) she begins with Connor getting his proposal of marriage denied rather bluntly. To say that Jessica Dunn is not a likeable heroine in that first chapter is an understatement—she utterly shatters the hero, Connor. At this point, I paused in my reading (an accomplishment, as I gobble down Higgins’ books like they’re candy) and wondered… how is she going to do it? How is she going to make me like this woman who walked coldly away from a man who clearly loves her so very much?

She manages this with a shockingly pleasing combination of flashbacks and flash forwards, a technique I’m not usually fond of, but it really works in this piece. Once we get a good look at the whole relationship, the line between good guy and bad guy blurs to the point of being invisible. Soon, I found myself rooting for them to work it out because, although they were human and both made their mistakes, they clearly needed one another in a way that no other would ever quite fit.

As with most of the books in the Blue Heron, (and a lot of her books, in general) the cast of secondary characters planted me comfortably back in the middle of small town life. From the familiar and beloved Holland family to the newly introduced Dunn family, each seemed like people you’d meet and known in your day-to-day life. Higgins did an especially good job with Jessica’s little brother—Davey—in presenting a realistic kid with special needs. As a parent of special needs kiddos, I can vouch for the fact they can drive you to distraction. Surviving meltdowns and so many doctor visits can leave a parent or caregiver worn down, tired, and not sure how they’re going to make it to tomorrow.

With Jessica being so young when she took on this burden, it isn’t surprising to see her have hollowed out moments when she’s not sure what to do next or if she’s mucking it all up, yet Higgins found the joyful moments, too. The fact that kids who see things in a different way share that unique view with their loved ones—tiny snippets of slowing things down and enjoying the truly little moments. The love for this sister had for her brother was heartrending and exceptionally well-written.

As to the romance? Sizzling. It is clear from very early on that Connor and Jessica share a fiery hot connection and that their friendship never took a back burner to that passion really cemented their bond for me as a reader. Connor is what we’d all like to find in a man—solid, sexy, smart, the heart of a marshmallow hidden in a gruff manly exterior, kind, and all in all just a GOOD guy. I fell madly and deeply in love with him and ugly cried when Connor said, “You’re gonna do great, sister mine.” I won’t spoil the scene as to why he said that to Colleen, but that scene… in Connor’s work kitchen? 

Yeah, I bawled.

But that is the magic of a Higgins book. She’s never let me down. I laugh out loud. I bawl the kind of cleansing tears that actually make you feel better after they’re shed. I look at the whole world with a little bit of hope that maybe there is good out there.

We live in a dark and scary time, full of things that are upsetting and waken all those dark creeping thoughts in our minds and imaginations. This book, as with many of her stories, managed to bring light and a little bit of joy to me. I highly, highly recommend this book to those who like happy endings. To those who like falling in love. And to those who maybe need to be reminded that it isn’t where you come from, it is all about where you’re going and who you pick to make the trip with.

Simply said, I loved this book and I think you might, too.  

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#ChristmasTreats Giveaway Hop!

What are our favorite Christmas Treats? Books, of course! Stop by each blog for a chance to win fabulous books & gifties for the Holidays!

Hmmm, Books are always my favorite Christmas treat, and this year I'll be reading on my new Kindle Voyage, yay for 8 year wedding anniversary that falls in December! As far as books I'm looking forward to, I'm going to say any and all Christmas themed romances I can get my hands on. I have been devouring them for the last two months, I binge read them while watching sappy Hallmark Christmas movies.

But I admit that I'm really looking forward to My Kind of Wonderful by Jill Shalvis in the new year. So while I wait, tell me about what books you're looking forward to. I'll pick a winner and send along a $5 Amazon gift card to help with that dream book.

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Wyoming Rugged by Diana Palmer #Review

Billionaire oilman Blair Coleman has always taken care of his business. After having been used and cast aside by a woman he thought he loved, his personal life is far from his first priority. He knows only one has ever truly cared for him—but the irresistible blonde beauty is the daughter of his best friend.

Niki Ashton has seen her father's friend wounded and she's seen him fight. Blair is the strongest—and most stubborn—man she's ever known. That very heart and passion makes him the man of her dreams, but whenever they've been in danger of getting close, Blair has always pushed her away.

It takes a possible tragedy to strip away all of Blair's misgivings. Now it's all or nothing: marriage, baby, family, forever. But will the choice be too much for Niki…or too late?

A feel good romance and exactly what I expected when I picked up a new Diana Palmer, with a bit of updating because it has mentions of Facebook and other modern technology yet with a heroine who is still a step out of tune with current culture. 

Blair was a bit stubborn and took awhile to figure out that he loved her. He pushed her away a few times, and I wasn't a fan of how much he heart Niki, especially since she is so sheltered.

Niki is a sheltered virgin, and a bit frail because of her asthma. She honestly is the kind of heroine Ms. Palmer delivers every time, and that familiarity did help me sink into this book. 

Overall, it's a pretty formulaic romance, but that's what I want when I pick up a Diana Palmer. I know I'm going to get at least one virgin, and that there isn't usually any sex or fooling around until to married, and that's ok, because I read Ms. Palmer for this feeling of happiness at the end. 

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Thankful for You Blog Hop! Thank you readers! #BlogHop #Giveaway

For this hop, we're telling you, the wonderful readers of my now sadly sporadic blog, which has quite a bit scheduled posts coming up, because I've neglected y'all lately. I will be back, so I'm thankful that you've stuck with me.

I'm thankful for the authors who took a chance on a small blog, so many of you have gone on now and are HUGE authors now, but you've stuck with me, and that loyalty is what keeps me doing this. That sense of community, even if I have fallen behind, I love everyone I've met in the Romance community. THANK YOU!

I'm super thankful for the bloggers I've met, including Anna from Herding Cats and Burning Soup, she's helped me with so much bloggerness. And she is an amazing friend. All of the bloggers I've worked with have always been so welcoming. THANK YOU!

So I'd like to give a $5 dollar gift card, and I could do a rafflecopter, but honestly I want do this old fashioned like when I started, so leave me a comment to enter. I want to chat with the readers who have stuck with me.

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Halloween Giveaway! #halloween #LVLOCTGIVEAWAY

Halloween is just around the corner and it's time for the 4th annual Attack of the 14 Nights of Halloween Giveaway from Laughing Vixen Lounge. 7 wickedly fun shops have come together to create one spooktalcular Prize Pack ($225+) full of Jewelry, Perfume, Clothing, Accessories and more! All shops are offering Gift Cards or your choice of item(s) so there will be something for everyone. Many of the shops have items perfect for any book lover along with lots of other unique, handcrafted and custom designs. You can enter via the Rafflecopter below or visit the Main Giveaway Page on the Laughing Vixen Lounge Blog HERE.

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October is the perfect time for watching spooky movies. Along with the Halloween Movie Marathon each of our participating shops, and many of our blog sponsors, will be sharing some of their favorite movie choices with you.

The giveaway runs October 18th - November 1st and is open worldwide. 1 winner will win the Prize Pack and 1 winner will win the Scavenger Hunt Prize Pack. Laughing Vixen Lounge is responsible for all giveaway details. Please visit the Laughing Vixen Lounge Blog HERE to see the full prize list, participating shops and daily giveaway events. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Here at For the Love of Bookends, it's not Halloween until I carve a pumpkin and watch Hocus Pocus at least 5 times! 

Hocus Pocus is a fun movie, it was a bit spooky when I was a child, when it came out, but now it's just a good comfort movie. 

What movie or show sets off your Halloween season?

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Seductive Reasoning by @MelSchroeder #Review

Amazon | B&N | ARe

Title: Seductive Reasoning
Author: Melissa Schroeder
Series: Task Force Hawaii #1
Rating: 5 Books

Blurb: Join Melissa Schroeder for a new Harmless spinoff series filled with suspense, hot men, and breathtaking romance.


Even paradise has a dark side…

Working with local, state, and federal agencies, the men and women of TASK FORCE HAWAII work on cases ranging from bank heists to terrorism. A diverse team filled with ex-military, law enforcement, medical, and technical support, they are Hawaii’s last defense against the worst criminals.


Resisting her might just kill him.

Former Army Special Forces Officer Martin “Del” Delano has enough on his hands chasing a serial killer and heading up TASK FORCE HAWAII. He definitely doesn’t need the distraction of Emma Mitchell. From the moment they meet, she knocks him off his feet, literally. Unfortunately, she’s the best person to have on the team to make the connections to help them catch their killer.

A temptation she can’t ignore.

For Emma, it’s hard to ignore the lure of a man like him. Tats, muscles and his Harley cause her to have more than a few fantasies about Del. He’d never be interested in a geek like her, but she can’t resist toying with him. When she pushes the teasing too far, she ends up in his bed. She convinces herself she can handle it until the moment he steals her heart.

A killer obsessed.

Del can’t help falling for the quirky genius. She’s smart, funny and there’s a sweet vulnerable side to her that only he can see. As Emma gets more involved with the investigation, she becomes the target of the psychopath. When the danger escalates, Del promises to do anything to save the woman who not only captured his heart but also his soul.

A romantic suspense that grabbed me and wouldn't let go, Ms. Schroeder shows that she definitely has the skill to write any genre and do it well. This is the start to a new series, that I can't wait to devour as they come out.

Del, is a pretty perfect hero, he has moments when he's a bit clueless about women, but at the same time he's dealing with not your typical heroine. He's strong, sexy and definitely a great leader of the TASK FORCE HAWAII team.

Emma, doesn't think like everyone else, and it should just make her weird, but instead it makes her perfect to help track down a serial killer. I like that she doesn't really apologize for her differences but instead embraces them. I enjoyed watching Del respond to her quirkiness and fall in love with her despite and maybe even because of them.

I adored this story, it had suspense, build up, tension and I couldn't put it down until the very end. I highly recommend it to fans of romantic suspense, Ms. Schroeder gives us one wild ride, that has both great characters and great plot. I look forward to more cases with TASK FORCE HAWAII.

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All I Want by @JillShalvis #Review @BerkleyRomance

Pilot-for-hire Zoe Stone is happy to call Sunshine, Idaho, her home base. But her quiet life is thrown for a loop when her brother’s friend Parker comes to stay with her for a week. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife special agent is a handsome flirt with a gift for getting under her skin. And the situation only escalates when Parker hires her to fly him around the area while he collects evidence on a suspected smuggler.

Now she has to live and work with the guy. But when they’re in the air, she sees another side of him. He’s driven, focused, and sharp. And while he enjoys giving commentary on her blind dates, she quickly realizes with a shock that it’s Parker who gets her engines going…

Zoe Stone doesn’t want commitment or to really change her life despite what she says. She likes her falling apart house, her rescue dog Oreo and her life as a pilot, then comes along Parker to shake everything up.

Parker is a great hero, because he’s also a workaholic like Zoe with a dangerous job, but he can’t help but fix things around her house when she’s not watching. I also adored his soft spot for her dog. I really liked him. He was pretty much perfect.

This was as enjoyable as I’ve come to expect from the Animal Magnetism series, it had the small town feel and left me feeling warm and fuzzy. Ms. Shalvis always delivers fantastic stories and this one definitely had me happily reading to the end.

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Blog Ahead 2015

I took the challenge from Anna over at Herding Cats and Burning Soup. The goal, preschedule 31 posts in the month of October, for blog posts happening after the end of October. So November and December and so forth!

So follow along, and I'll keep you updated on my progress! 

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Dark Future Series by @KCKleinbooks #spotlight #freebie

To Buy a Wife (Book 1) (FREE)

Amazon | Kobo | iBooks | B&N

In a harsh land where corruption rules and women are few, cold realist Hudson Land must purchase a wife to save his farm. Instead of an auction, he witnesses the start of an execution. With his first look at a beautiful woman in years, Hudson knows he has to have her—no matter the cost. Lake, a chemist and a rebel fighter, is resigned to her death, but when some back-hill farmer rescues her from the chopping block she has no intention of simply becoming his wife. She’s pledged her life to the Rebellion and being bought for some stranger’s bed doesn’t change a thing, even if his soft caresses are damn distracting. As lies and secrets build between them, are the quiet moments they’ve shared enough to stand against two warring factions in a world where only the strong survive?

To Keep a Wife (Book 2)

Amazon | Kobo | iBooks | B&N 

In the shards of civilization ruined by a global war, Lake has gotten the life she never dared dreamed of—a safe haven, and the love of a good man, her husband, Hudson Black Creek. But Lake’s hard-won happiness doesn’t last long when powerful Elders lay siege on Black Creek Manor in retaliation for a past defiance. As Lake watches everything she loves go up in flames, she sacrifices herself for the chance to keep Hudson and her brother alive. Syon, a diabolic Elder with his own agenda, will push Lake to her breaking point, forcing her to compromise—heart and soul— in order to survive.

Hudson wakes from a head wound to find that his whole world is reduced to ashes. With no memory of why he’s sacrificed everything for a woman whose name is tattooed on his chest, Hudson is determined to make his heart match the emptiness of his mind, and wipe out everything except the hatred for those who are to blame—the Elders and the wife he sought to protect.

As evil and fear spread across a war-torn land, Lake and Hudson are tested like never before, and both will have to forgive betrayals and risk greater heartbreak if they want a chance at saving their lives… and their love.

Dark Future (Book 3)

Amazon | Kobo | iBooks | B&N  

A woman caught between two futures…
Awakened in the middle of the night by a future version of herself, Kris Davenport is given a mission: go travel in time to save the world–and his life. Of course, her future self doesn’t tell her who he is just sends her into the darkness and straight into an alien invasion.
…must choose between the man who has her heart…
He turns out to be ConRad Smith, the callous, untrusting military commander of Earth’s army and the world’s last defense. There’s only one way for Smith to know for sure if this strange woman is an alien spy–slice her throat. Except, he didn’t anticipate the desire he would feel as he interrogates the hot-tempered, warm-blooded woman.
…or the fate that saves the world.
As Kris and ConRad struggle to trust each other in a world on the brink of destruction, they each will have to face the ultimate choice of whether to fight or die… survive or forgive.

“The future, it’s not like that. It’s not … better,” she said, focusing back on the road.

“What do you mean?” Her tone of impending doom was starting to wear on me.

“Do you remember our grandfather and how we would go and visit him during the summer?”

I nodded. I’d given up on rationalizing how she knew intimate details about my life. Crazy was a river you just floated along on.

The summers with my grandfather were some of my favorite memories. The days filled with sweet tea, fly fishing, and no one worrying when you stayed out past dark.

“Do you remember how he would talk to us about the end of the world? How we were living in the last days?”

I nodded again, not really understanding where this was leading. Grandpa had been a pastor at the local church. He hadn’t taught brimstone and hellfire, but he was concerned about “Judgment Day,” as he called it.

“Well, it happened, Kris. Armageddon is for real. And the future is not better.”

A shudder crawled along my skin. Whatever this was— a delusion, a psychotic episode, a carb-induced nightmare— she believed it. In her mind the end of the world was the absolute truth.

We turned into a deserted parking lot that led to the hiking paths up into the mountain preserve. The trail head was marked with a sign asking dog owners to pick up after their pets, along with a supply of “doggie bags” for the forgetful owner. A copper water fountain and empty horse trough filled in the rest. She parked the car and turned off the ignition, then focused her attention on me.

“I don’t want to tell you too much. I don’t want to bias your decisions. You just need to have more … integrity, more trust.”

She ran both hands through her hair and slicked back the disheveled mess. “Ah, I wish I knew, but I don’t. This time it has to work.”

“Tell me too much? You haven’t told me jack. What has to work this time?” Wisps of apprehension swirled in my belly. This woman looked too familiar and knew too much for me to keep dismissing her. “Is that what I’m supposed to do? Stop Armageddon from happening?”

“No.” She shook her head. “That’s already happened. You’ll be too late for that.”

KC Klein has lived most of her life with her head in the clouds and her nose buried in a book. She did stop reading long enough to make a home with a real life hero, her husband, for over seventeen years. A mother of two children, she spends her time slaying dragons, saving princesses, and championing the belief in the happily-ever-after. Her debut novel, Dark Future, was a 2010 Prism finalist and has been honored with a reviewer’s choice award. She’s the author of the sexy cowboy Texas Fever series, which starts off with, Texas Wide Open, available now, and Hustlin’ Texas, due out December 2013, and also a contributing author to the fun, sci-fi romance anthology, Hotter on the Edge and Hotter on the Edge 2. KC loves to hear from readers and can be found desperately pounding away on her laptop in yoga pants and leopard slippers or more conveniently at

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#NewRelease Shades of Power by @BeanySparks

An explosion sends Ethan running…straight into the arms of his mate.

Ethan White is a witch whose days are spent in his apothecary with his familiar, Beema. While making potions for the townsfolk keeps him busy, nothing exciting ever happens—until one day when a surprise visitor walks in and his world crumbles around him. Suddenly Ethan and his familiar are on the run, heading for the Fae to seek sanctuary.

Grayson is an alpha wolf. His two best friends are his betas, but there’s one thing missing—a pack. It’s for that very reason that the three of them were volunteered by the council to act as representatives. Their mission? Try to convince the Fae Queen to get the Fae involved in a battle with the Midnight Coven, the witches suspected of using the dark arts. However, the mission takes a back seat when Grayson meets his mate for the first time.

With revelations and lies around every corner and a battle looming, they have to be ready to fight if they want to have a life together.

When a prophecy about the Shades of Power comes to light, both sides want the power for the battle against the other. The question is—who will unite them first?

Pages or Words:  36,444 words

Categories: Fantasy, Gay Fiction, M/M Romance, Paranormal


“What are you doing here?” he asked, feeling proud his voice remained level.

“My, my, is that any way to speak to a customer, Ethan?”

“You are not a customer, nor will you be a customer. Tell me what you want and then get the hell out of my shop.”
Ethan had a second to regret his rudeness when she narrowed her eyes at him, but reminding himself that nothing good could come of her visit had him standing there with his head held high.

“I would watch how you speak to me, Ethan, since we both know who the stronger witch is.”

“Well, if you are the stronger witch, then there’s absolutely no reason why you would be in my shop. Make sure the door doesn’t hit you on the way out.”

Ethan watched as her eyes narrowed even further, to the point where he wasn’t sure she could even see him. All the while he waited for her reaction—or rather, the explosion that was likely coming.

Suddenly she blinked and then smiled, which was far scarier than anything Ethan could remember seeing before.
“You’re right, Ethan, I am the stronger witch, and as such, I have better things to do than waste my time making potions. So here I am, ready to purchase the potions I need and help my dear little brother make some money so that he can survive in this big, bad world we live in.”

Ethan almost sighed, wanting to forget about being related to the monster in front of him. No one had believed him when he had accused her of being evil. While everyone else had seen her as a gifted child, Ethan had seen the dark side of her early on. Deep down he’d known that she would turn to the dark arts, but everyone he’d told thought he’d just said that to get attention, even their parents. When they’d died, it had left a huge hole in his heart, but he’d finally been able to escape his sister by using some of his inheritance money to move towns and buy his cabin. Although, he couldn’t really call it escaping when on her way out one day she’d told him to pack his things and be gone when she returned. For the first time in his life, he’d obeyed her.

Snapping back to the present, Ethan tried to focus, knowing that if he didn’t, things could go badly.
“What do you want, Des?” he asked.

She frowned at him for a moment before speaking. “Actually, it’s Ravyn now, Ravyn Darkh. Maybe you’ve heard of me?”

Oh shit!

Buy the book:

Meet the author:
Beany lives in Western Australia. She first started reading romance novels in 2008, but it wasn't until January 2010 when her Kindle got delivered that the world of erotic romance opened its doors to her, and she hasn't looked back.
With suggestions and support from friends, her muse—“affectionately" known as PITA—was finally able to break free, and in January 2014 her first story was written. Since she can’t put PITA back in his box, Beany has decided to give in and team up with him. Together they’ve made plans to write both MF and MM stories.
She can be reached at
Or visit her at

Where to find the author:
Twitter: @BeanySparks

Publisher: Rainbow Ninja Press
Cover Artist: Beany Sparks

Tour Dates & Stops:

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Hannah and the Highlander by Sabrina York! #preorder #firstinaseries

Hannah and the Highlander by Sabrina York

First in a brand-new series about the bold, brawny men of the Scottish Highlands--and the lovely lasses who bring them to their knees…

Coming September 1st

Highlanders are her weakness.

Hannah Dounreay has no time for suitors who only seem interested in her family's land, which she manages as well as any man. If she marries, she wants to be loved for the educated, independent woman she is. But when a strong, silent--and spectacularly handsome--Highlander saves her from a violent attack, her heart is stirred. Who is this man? And if he asks for Hannah's hand, will she be able to resist him?

Love is the most powerful weapon of all.

Alexander Lochlannach, Laird of Dunnet, has no time to lose. The Highlands are in an uproar as clans battle for land--without mercy--and Alexander can't afford to fall for the wildly attractive, strong-willed Hannah. What's more, he has a desperate secret, one that could destroy them both. But as their attraction turns into an all-consuming passion, Alexander has no choice but to prove to Hannah that he's the only man for her--body and soul…

Read an excerpt:

Egads. She wants to speak with him before the wedding…

The door opened immediately, as though she’d been standing there waiting. At the sight of her, his heart stalled and his throat tightened. She had this effect on him each and every time he saw her. God, she was so beautiful. 

Her eyes widened, as though she was surprised to see him, which befuddled him, because she’d asked him to come. Then her gaze raked him. He liked to think that look in her eye was a glimmer of appreciation. “Dunnet,” she said. “You’re . . . dressed.”

Aye. Dressed for a wedding. He couldn’t help but notice she was not.

“Lady . . . Hannah.” He bowed. “You wanted to . . . talk?”

She nodded briskly and opened the door wider, stepping back to allow him to enter. He did so and closed the door behind him. The click was deafening. It was not lost on him that he was in her bedchambers. His gaze flicked to the bed. It was slightly rumpled. That made him feel slightly rumpled as well.

This was not the time for his passion to rise.

It did.

“Thank you for coming,” she said, turning away to pace. “I know you are prepared to marry . . . forthwith.” He had no idea why she emphasized the word as she did. “But before we exchange our vows, I have some things that I need to say.”

He nodded, even as relief gushed through him.

She hadn’t changed her mind.

And if she had things to say, he should probably stay silent. And listen.

“You and I need to have an understanding.”

“An . . . understanding?”

“Aye.” His hope was supplanted by a hint of disappointment when she said in a very businesslike tone, “We both know this is a marriage of convenience.”

His gaze snapped to her face. Ernest though her expression was, it lacked the dreamy, romantic tinge a groom might hope for. In fact, she set her chin and shot him a very unromantic glance.

A marriage of convenience? A cold, heartless, distant union? Denial howled. Suddenly, to his surprise, he found he wanted something very different. He longed to respond, to cry out his dissent, but his throat locked.

“There is no reason to pretend this is something other than it is. I agreed to marry you because Dounreay needs your protection and you agreed to marry me for my lands. We are marrying for no other reason. Aye. I understand that. We understand that.”

Nae. We understood nothing of the sort. There was another reason he was determined to marry her, did she but realize.

He wanted her.

“Regardless, Dunnet, my wish is for a peaceful union.”

Peaceful. Aye. Peaceful was good.

“I should like for us to work together as a team. In partnership.”

Aye. He had a partnership in mind. . . .

“If I’m going to pledge myself to a man forever, I need to know that he will respect me. That he will honor my wishes. I need to know he will take my counsel into account.” She fixed Alexander with a steady gaze, as though she expected a response. So he nodded.

She was so beautiful, so earnest. So tantalizing.

He stepped closer, intent on his target.

Her eyes widened as he neared. Her hand on his chest stalled his approach and her brow wrinkled. Her gaze flicked to his mouth and her tongue peeped out, wetting her lips, igniting a flame in his belly. With great effort, she ripped her gaze away and frowned. “Do you agree to my terms?” she asked.

He cupped her cheek and angled her head up. Her breath caught. Her features froze as she realized his intent. “Aye,” he said. “Aye.” And then he did what he’d been thinking about for weeks. What he’d been obsessing over all day. He kissed her.

And it was glorious.

A shiver rippled over Hannah’s skin as Dunnet took her mouth. His taste, his scent, infused her. It was a light kiss, a testing foray, but it sent an unholy thrill through her and left her wanting one thing.

She had wanted this chance to speak with him privately, to receive his assurances that their marriage would be a partnership, to set her mind at rest, and he’d done that. But if she was being truthful . . . something like this had been on her mind as well, skulking there behind her noble intentions, a roiling hunger. A curiosity. A need.

She’d kissed him before and he had turned away. She desperately needed to know if, in his heart, he had any passion for her whatsoever.

He lifted his head—way too soon—and stared down at her. “Hannah . . . ” he murmured.

Even as she attempted to rein in her disappointment at his withdrawal, his hold on her cheek tightened, his eyes narrowed, and he issued a noise, something gruff and deep, something that sent a lick of exhilaration through her.

He yanked her closer. The feel of his body against hers, rigid and unyielding, made her head spin. His fingers threaded through her hair and he held her steady as his head descended again. She sucked in a breath, quivering with anticipation.

And ah. Ah.

This kiss was different.

This wasn’t tentative in the slightest. It was a taking. A mad, starved consummation of her mouth with his, a melding of lips and tongue and need.

This was as wild as the windy squalls off the coast. As tantalizing as the fairy wisps at dusk. As scorching as the forge where razor-sharp steel was tempered and formed.

And it cut through her like a screaming wind, an enticing magic, a warm blade.

Scuttles of heat rose in her womb. Rivulets of excitement danced in her veins. His taste filled her senses, her mouth, her soul.

When he lifted his head, a glimmer danced in his eye. It was the look of a conquering hero, a savage Scotsman, a man whose hunger had been sated but ignited at the same time.

Oh heavens.

Exultation whipped through her. Her knees were weak and her body melted.

Damn her reservations.

Damn her fears.

Damn her doubts about whether or not he really wanted her.

She wanted him. And she would have him.

It was gratifying to see that he was not unaffected. His breath came heavy and hard and there was a slight tremble in his voice when he spoke. It was one word and one word only, forced out and wreathed in a growl, but it was enough.



Bold and steamy—Publisher’s Weekly

5 stars: A stunning tale from beginning to end—Love, Life and Booklust

Top Pick: Hannah and the Highlander is a wonderful love story that I can honestly and happily recommend to all—Night Owl Reviews

4 Stars: York turns her talent for sizzle to men in kilts—and the women who love them—in her newest sexy romp—RT Magazine

Untamed Highlanders Series
Hannah and the Highlander—Coming September 1st
Susana and the Scot—Coming December 29th
Lana and the Laird—Coming in 2016

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