Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Wyoming Rugged by Diana Palmer #Review

Billionaire oilman Blair Coleman has always taken care of his business. After having been used and cast aside by a woman he thought he loved, his personal life is far from his first priority. He knows only one has ever truly cared for him—but the irresistible blonde beauty is the daughter of his best friend.

Niki Ashton has seen her father's friend wounded and she's seen him fight. Blair is the strongest—and most stubborn—man she's ever known. That very heart and passion makes him the man of her dreams, but whenever they've been in danger of getting close, Blair has always pushed her away.

It takes a possible tragedy to strip away all of Blair's misgivings. Now it's all or nothing: marriage, baby, family, forever. But will the choice be too much for Niki…or too late?

A feel good romance and exactly what I expected when I picked up a new Diana Palmer, with a bit of updating because it has mentions of Facebook and other modern technology yet with a heroine who is still a step out of tune with current culture. 

Blair was a bit stubborn and took awhile to figure out that he loved her. He pushed her away a few times, and I wasn't a fan of how much he heart Niki, especially since she is so sheltered.

Niki is a sheltered virgin, and a bit frail because of her asthma. She honestly is the kind of heroine Ms. Palmer delivers every time, and that familiarity did help me sink into this book. 

Overall, it's a pretty formulaic romance, but that's what I want when I pick up a Diana Palmer. I know I'm going to get at least one virgin, and that there isn't usually any sex or fooling around until to married, and that's ok, because I read Ms. Palmer for this feeling of happiness at the end. 

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Thankful for You Blog Hop! Thank you readers! #BlogHop #Giveaway

For this hop, we're telling you, the wonderful readers of my now sadly sporadic blog, which has quite a bit scheduled posts coming up, because I've neglected y'all lately. I will be back, so I'm thankful that you've stuck with me.

I'm thankful for the authors who took a chance on a small blog, so many of you have gone on now and are HUGE authors now, but you've stuck with me, and that loyalty is what keeps me doing this. That sense of community, even if I have fallen behind, I love everyone I've met in the Romance community. THANK YOU!

I'm super thankful for the bloggers I've met, including Anna from Herding Cats and Burning Soup, she's helped me with so much bloggerness. And she is an amazing friend. All of the bloggers I've worked with have always been so welcoming. THANK YOU!

So I'd like to give a $5 dollar gift card, and I could do a rafflecopter, but honestly I want do this old fashioned like when I started, so leave me a comment to enter. I want to chat with the readers who have stuck with me.