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Whitney by Celia Kyle - Spotlight/Giveaway


Alpha Marked #1: Scarlet

Thirty and single? Well, getcha ass to the Gathering!

As if hitting thirty wasn’t enough, unmated Scarlet Wickham is summoned to this year’s Gathering. As a woman Marked to be the mate of an Alpha pair, she’s not going to find happiness anywhere other than in the arms of two Alpha werewolves. So, off she goes with her sisters in tow. ‘Cause yeah, she’s one of the plump Wickham triplets, and they’re all being carted off to werewolf speed dating.

Keller and Madden, Ruling Alpha pair, can’t believe their luck. They’ve found their mate, and she’s more than they could have ever hoped for. She’s feisty with spirit to spare, and lush curves that they want to trace with their tongues. They can’t wait to solidify their bond and get to know the beautiful woman who is to rule at their side. But first, there’s the minor inconvenience of a challenge to the death…

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 Alpha Marked #2: Gabriella

Thirty and single? Well, getcha ass to the Gathering!

Ugh. Gabriella Wickham thought turning thirty was bad enough, but now she’s been invited (ordered) to attend this year’s Gathering (werewolf speed dating). Having a Mark on her arm means that she’s one of the few human women destined to mate with not one, but two Alpha werewolves. Thank goodness werewolves don’t come in “ugly.” After her sister Scarlet mates the Ruling Alphas, things really start to get interesting. Gabby runs into not one, but two hotter than hot werewolves who make her tingle in all the right places. Yum. Of course, “yum” comes with baggage of both the mental and female kind. Lovely. Luckily it’s nothing a few punches and a good talking to can’t cure. Maybe…-ish.

Berke Davis and Jack Wright know that lush, curvaceous Gabriella is their mate. Who cares that they’re currently not part of an Alpha pair? Details, details. Burke has been half bound to his best friend Jack since they were four, but the past keeps them from solidifying their pairing and taking up the mantle of Alpha. Berke understands his friend’s feelings, but Jack is about to get a lesson on living and loving. Berke just hopes the lessons are learned before they both lose Gabriella. Especially when she is Challenged by a rival to first blood…a Challenge that could end in very permanent, and deadly, consequences…for Gabriella.

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 Alpha Marked #3: Whitney

Thirty and single? Well, getcha ass to the Gathering!

Whitney Wickham is at the darned annual werewolf Gathering all right. Only there’s one problem: she doesn’t belong there. Her sisters carry the Mark indicating they’ll mate an Alpha Pair of wolves, while Whitney does not have that lovely, swirling scar. She’s been hauled half way around the world to be stared at, and not-so-covertly sniffed, for no reason. Unfortunately the gorgeous, drool worthy, magic-mojo-wielding Wardens don’t know why she’s been summoned to the Gathering any more than she does. Which sucks. But at least they’re hot.

Emmett Greene and Levy Walters are Wardens—keepers of the law and embodiment of the magic of the werewolves. They can never mate, never marry, and never form a lasting romantic relationship. It’s a hard and fast law that keeps their powers pure of outside influence.

Rules are going to be broken.

One look at Whitney, one hint of her scent, and they realize their immovable laws might have to jiggle. She’s got luscious curves, a wicked smile, and a mouth that would make a thousand men weep. No matter the rules, their inner wolves will claim her. The only things standing in their way are the Elder Wardens who will do anything… anything… to keep Emmett and Levy from discovering the truth: the laws are wrong. And being with Whitney Wickham is so very, very right.

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About the Author:

Celia Kyle is a paranormal erotic romance author and would like to rule the world and become a ninja. As a fallback, she’s working on her writing career and giving readers stories that touch their hearts and *ahem* other places.

Connect with Celia:

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Welcome Alanea Alder!


Felix Kilpatrick survived years of hell in a mad Alpha’s cage and has finally made it to the safety of Arkadia. To make things even better, his best friend Sebastian has also found his way to Arkadia and offered to let him live with the Arkadian lion’s pride. He is living it up when he meets his mate. One overly neat, OCD, fastidious doctor.

Dr. Maddox Claybourne is content with his life in Arkadia. He tends to the occasional broken bone or contusion that is commonplace in a shifter only town. He is not prepared for a redheaded mate that wrecks his clinic, ignores his orders, and tries to serve him microwavable pizza!

It will take every ounce of skill between Felix and Claybourne to combat a mysterious illness that threatens to steal away the lives of those most precious in Arkadia. No one is safe when people begin to fall ill. Can Felix and Claybourne discover a cure in time? And when they can’t, can they live with the deaths this virus will leave in its wake? 

Story Excerpt
Felix was about to say something to his rude mate when Rebecca popped into the tent.
“Hey, Doc, do you have any human blood?” she asked. Claybourne nodded.
“I’ve been keeping a stock of it since it’s neutral to shifters and vampires,” he said putting the bandage rolls into a neat row.
“Can I have a bag of it?” she asked. He nodded again and pointed to the small portable medical mini fridge. She went over, grabbed a bag, and left. Felix watched the entire thing in gross fascination.
“You didn’t even ask why she needed it,” he said, watching as his mate started organizing the bandages into three rows of four instead of four rows of three.
“It’s Rebecca, sometimes it’s better not to ask,” he said, sounding distracted. Felix walked over and bent his head slightly to stare at his mate’s ass. Feeling slightly mischievous he reached out and grabbed a solid handful of his mate’s round, muscular cheek. Claybourne gave an undignified yelp and turned to face Felix. He was about to say something when Rebecca raced back in.
“Hey, Doc, can a human ingest small, diluted amounts of human blood?” she asked, She gawked at Claybourne’s flushed face before looking over to Felix.
“Yes.” Claybourne’s voice broke and he cleared his throat. “Yes, in small amounts human blood is safe to ingest,” His voice returning to its normal lower octave.
“Yes!” she said as she raced back out. Claybourne watched her leave, and a thoughtful look came over his face.
“Okay I have to admit, I’m intrigued,” he said, facing Felix wearing the first real smile Felix had seen since walking into the tent. Felix could feel his inner animal morph into a tiger. He was reacting to being close to Claybourne.
“Tell me you feel it too,” Felix said quietly. A shocked look appeared on Claybourne’s face.
“Of course I do. All I can think about is getting you on the closest flat surface, but seeing as how you and I are the only medically trained people in town, we cannot disappear on Field Day of all days,” Claybourne said as his breathing became shallower. His eyes shifted from his normal crystalline blue to a light sky blue.
“I thought you were a tiger,” Felix asked, feeling his body respond to his mate’s growing need.
“I am. I’m a white Bengal tiger. My eyes are blue, not the normal orange of a regular Bengal,” Claybourne explained.
“I’m a hybrid,” Felix said He looked down, unsure how his mate would react.
“I think that hybrids are the very best that shifters can be,” Claybourne said. Felix felt tears prick his eyes. Being a hybrid had opened him up to scorn before, and he was relieved that his mate accepted him as he was.
“And of course your genetics and physiology are fascinating,” Claybourne said, turning back to his table. Felix was looking around for something to hit his mate with when David and Daniel came running into the tent, Roman hot on their heels. The twins ducked behind Claybourne, trying to use him as a shield.
“You do know I won’t help you, right?” he said dispassionately.
“Yeah, but if Roman does to us what he is threatening to do, we want you close by,” Daniel quipped. Seconds later an annoyed Gabriel glided into the tent. He stood next to Roman who was glaring at the twins.
“Ah, it’s the sarcastic doctor. You didn’t by chance give Daniel and David blood did you?” Gabriel asked walking up to stand next to Roman who was glaring at the twins.
“Of course not. I gave the blood to Rebecca,” Claybourne said reasonably. Gabriel pinched the bridge of his nose.
“It’s actually not bad,” Rebecca said, licking an ice cream cone as she walked into the tent.
“Wait, is there blood in the ice cream?” Felix asked as he watched Rebecca lick the cold treat. She nodded.
“Yup. I saw that some ice cream parlor out on the west coast has been using animal blood in ice cream. I thought that since this is a shifter town that might not be a good idea, so we used human blood for the vampires. It’s actually pretty good,” she said, looking at her ice cream cone, then she looked at Gabriel. Standing on tiptoe she pushed it onto his lips. He simply stared down at her with an eyebrow raised, the smear of ice cream on his face taking away from his normally regal appearance. Reluctantly he licked his lips and a surprised expression came over his face.
“You two made this?” he asked. The twins nodded.
“I’ll have to call Ms.Brayburn back and apologize for the shock she had when she saw the twins pouring blood from a medical bag into the ice cream machine. She was complaining about wanting her chocolate ice cream to Ashby who then in turn called me since he knew I was here on the vampire panel we created to answer questions from the townspeople. I’ll also have to buy Ashby new equipment for the shop,” Gabriel said, glaring at the twins before reaching for Rebecca’s ice cream cone and taking a bite.
“That way we can keep the equipment you used today at the coven house to make more. This is truly decadent.” Gabriel held the ice cream cone in one hand and with the other offered the crook of his elbow to Rebecca who took it daintily. Rebecca winked at the twins before they both walked out. David and Daniel exhaled loudly.

Adult Excerpt
“I’m going to get you to relax. Leave the mess. The world won’t end, I promise you.” Felix took their plates and put them on the coffee table. Claybourne stared at them. His right eye began to twitch slightly. He turned to Felix.
“The kitchen is dirty.” He rubbed his hands on his pants leg. Felix boldly reached over to cup his mate’s crotch.
“Dirty is good. Want to make me dirty?” Felix asked dropping his voice down to a whisper. He almost did a cartwheel when he saw his mate’s eyes fade to a light blue. His tiger’s eyes were coming out. Claybourne pushed Felix back and crawled over him. Felix had barely a moment to take a breath before Claybourne’s mouth was on his and taking away his sanity. Their tongues dueled and twined around each other. Felix had to pull back, and he reached down and adjusted his jeans which had become painfully tight.
“Let’s go to the bedroom, I don’t want you damaged,” Claybourne said, grinning. Felix nodded and they both scrambled off the couch. Felix raced after Claybourne, grabbing his ass the entire way down the hall. When the cleared the door they both began stripping their clothes. Felix knew that Claybourne must be out of his mind with lust since he was tossing his clothes around the room. Claybourne, naked, turned to him, his prick jutting out from his body already leaking copious amounts of pre-cum down the hard length. Over the years trapped in his captor’s cage Felix had plenty of time to fantasize about his future mate. He had imagined everything from large bulky bears to lean lions, but nothing prepared him for the perfection of his tiger. The man stood nearly a foot over his own five foot five height and every inch of his body was covered in lean, tone muscles. His chest was dusted with dark hair that trailed downward and divided his six pack beautifully. Felix’s mouth began to water. The man had the body of a god. Claybourne walked around the bed to the nightstand, and pulled out a small bottle of lube. Claybourne threw the bottle to him. He caught it easily and waited until his mate was standing in front of him again.
“Can I taste you?” he asked. Claybourne whimpered and nodded.
“You never, ever have to ask that question. Forever and ever amen the answer is yes.” Claybourne grabbed the base of his shaft. Felix gave a sultry smile and began to sway his hips as he stalked forward before dropping to his knees before his mate.
“Good, because I love to suck cock,” Felix admitted before swallowing his mate’s impressive length down. Above his head Felix heard an unintelligible chant of promises and curses. While holding the base of his mate’s cock in one hand he flicked open the bottle of lube with the other and began to work his fingers into his own hole, stretching himself. He groaned at the sensation of having his mate’s cock in his mouth as he played with his own ass. Felix reveled in the taste of his mate. He ran his tongue up and down the soft skin of the long shaft. He loved every line, tracing the thick heavy vein. He swirled his tongue around the spongy head before dipping his tongue into the slit. He hummed his satisfaction. His mate tasted like nectar.
“Please stop, much more and I’ll come,” Claybourne begged, trying to catch his breath.
Felix stood. “It’s a good thing I’m all stretched and ready for you. I don’t think I can wait another second to have this gorgeous cock in my ass.” Felix climbed onto the bed, and made sure he wiggled his ass every chance he got. Claybourne let out a loud rumble and pounced on him.
“Turn over, my mate, I need to see you when I take you,” Claybourne said, his voice deep. Felix shivered when he saw that his mate’s canines were out. Felix rolled over onto his back and pulled his knees to his chest before spreading his legs wide. Claybourne stared down at him.
“You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen,” he whispered.

Q   Do you write full-time or part-time?
I write part time. I have a full time job where I normally put in between 50-60 hours per week at.
Q   Do you have a special time to write or how is your day structured?
I like to write in the early morning when I get off of work. I works overnights on the East coast, so my hours are completely backwards to everyone else.
Q   Do you write every day?
No, some days it’s book planning or outlining. I also try to balance that with time on Facebook chatting with my peeps and web building. Social networking is a huge part of being a writer.
Q   Do you aim for a set amount of words/pages per day?
No, I don’t like to feel like I HAVE to write. If I try to force it, I’m usually unhappy with what I’ve written.
Q   Do you work to an outline or plot or do you prefer just see where an idea takes you?
I do both. I have a rough outline, but when I sit down and start typing sometimes my characters are in the driver’s seat.
Q   How do you think you’ve evolved creatively?
I’m using a wider range of words to describe things. To help with steamy scenes I started an Explicit Word spreadsheet LOL
Q   What was the hardest thing about writing your latest book?
Fated Forgiveness which is being released Nov 7th, was pretty straightforward. But the one after that was hard due to medical terminology. It’s also my tear jerker and emotional roller coaster book. I am warning my readers in advance. Have tissues ready.
Q   What is the easiest thing about writing?
Talking to my characters
Q   How long on average does it take you to write a book?
On average I would say 2-3 weeks
Q   Any tips on how to get through the dreaded writer’s block?
Either I start outlining something new which may trigger needed plot points in the book prior or I skip to the end of the book and write it backwards J

Catch Up on the Kindred of Arkadia

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Playing the Playboy by Noelle Adams - Giveaway

Seducing the Enemy

Heirs of Damon, Book 1
Publisher:   Entangled Indulgence
Publication Date:  October 14, 2013

After being injured in a tragic accident as a child, Marietta Edwards has lived a sheltered life. Finally recovered, she wants to indulge in pleasures that are entirely new to her, so she begins by seducing a sexy, mysterious stranger. Only after their one-night stand does she learn their families have been embroiled in a fifteen-year legal battle and the man she’s given herself to is her worst enemy.

The heir to a vast fortune, Harrison Damon believes the unforgettable night he spent with Marietta in Monte Carlo is just a fling, an escape from his responsibilities. Then he discovers she is an Edwards—the family he despises most. He can’t quench his attraction for her, but he won’t let her use it against him. He won’t let her manipulate him to win money from his family. No matter how much he wants her, he won’t let her seduce him again.


Playing the Playboy

Heirs of Damon, Book 2
Publication Date:  November 18, 2013

Laurel will do anything to save her Santorini inn from the powerful Damon family, and that includes manipulating Andrew Damon, the man they’ve sent to get her off the property.  Andrew might have a reputation for being irresistible to women, but she won’t have any problem resisting him. This is war, after all, and the Damons drew their weapons first.

Andrew has spent most of his life chasing women and wasting time, but he’s determined to do his duty by his family, even if that means ousting an infuriating (and gorgeous) widow from the inn that legally belongs to the Damons.  He doesn’t expect to fall for her. And he definitely doesn’t expect to discover that he’s been played.




Noelle handwrote her first romance novel in a spiral-bound notebook when she was twelve, and she hasn’t stopped writing since. She has lived in eight different states and currently resides in Virginia, where she teaches English, reads any book she can get her hands on, and offers tribute to a very spoiled cocker spaniel.

She loves travel, art, history, and ice cream. After spending far too many years of her life in graduate school, she has decided to reorient her priorities and focus on writing contemporary romances.

Connect with Noelle:


Noelle is giving away the following prizes at the end of her tour:

GRAND PRIZE:   $25 gift card to Amazon or B&N and a custom Heirs of Damon mouse pad.

RUNNERS-UP:  Three runners-up will receive an eBook of PLAYING THE PLAYBOY

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