Thursday, November 7, 2013

Review: Doe and the Wolf by Eve Langlais

What happens when a predator falls for his prey?

Bounty hunting is the perfect job for a maverick wolf; flexible hours, decent pay, the thrill of the chase. But Everett never counted on a doe stopping him in his furry tracks.

Dawn was a prisoner of Mastermind and ended up experimented on, against her wishes. On the run from Furry United Coalition agents, she ends up in the arms—and bed—of a lupine bounty hunter. Instinct tells her to run when she gets a chance because everyone knows not to trust the big, bad wolf, but her heart begs her to stay.

When the result of genetics gone wrong rears its mutated head and threatens both of their lives, will they manage to survive and discover if a wolf deserves a happily ever after?

My Review:

I about died laughing during this book, which is something I knew going in was going to happen. Dawn and Everett banter beautifully together and their attraction is off the charts. I loved the idea of a wolf bounty hunter, and Everett didn’t disappoint with his wolfy attitude and love of the chase.

Dawn is worried about the changes thrust upon her by Mastermind, an evil furry being that is trying to take over the world, and Dawn has definitely changed but some changes are overlooked when love is on the line.

I highly recommend Doe and the Wolf, it’s close to my favorite in the series. I recommend picking up the whole series for the laughter and hijinks that is FUC agency.

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  1. Her books do this to me too. Glad you liked it.

  2. Oh I want it so bad! I need to get all caught up with the series. Croc and the Fox was so so good.