Sunday, July 21, 2013

Review: Something to Howl About by Azura Ice


After three years, Basil finally secures a reservation at the Desert Patch Steampunk Resort. As excited as he is about his 1Night Stand match, he still can’t keep his mind off the one man he wants most. But sometimes love carries a price, especially when his dream comes true and Jason strolls into The Cursed Revolver Saloon.

A stranger has set his sights on Basil, and the one-night stand becomes not only difficult but extremely dangerous. Attacked by a powerfully wealthy lycanthrope, Basil and Jason must fight for their lives and their love. Only by defeating an Alpha wolf can Basil protect his new lover and gain his full powers.

Can Madame Eve's magic overcome fear of rejection and forbidden desires to give Jason and Basil something to howl about?

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My Review:

I’m a self-admitted 1NS series Junkie, who happens to love MM stories too. I’m also fast becoming a serious Azura Ice fan especially after reading this story. Something to Howl About has it all, it’s paranormal, it’s hot MM, and it even takes place on a Steampunk resort, seriously all of those things touch on things I absolutely adore.

Basil loves Jason, Basil thinks he can’t have Jason. Then he gets him and the sparks fly! Throw in a snobby bad werewolf and this is a great story. The sex alone could melt your ereader, but add in a hot man defending his lover and I needed a seriously huge glass of ice water.

Overall, Madame Eve and Ms. Ice do it again, they pair up a perfect couple and help them find love and happiness all in a night’s time. I recommend this for fans of everything I said up above, fans of paranormal, MM, Steampunk and the wonderful 1NS series will find a beautifully written quick delicious read.

5 Books

I received a copy in exchange for my honest review. I was not compensated for my review. 

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