Sunday, July 7, 2013

Review/Giveaway: On Her Master's Secret Service by Lexi Blake


Her submission fulfilled her

When Eve St. James married Alex McKay, she had her whole life ahead of her. They were the FBI’s golden couple by day, but by night Eve gave herself over to her husband’s world of Dominance and submission filled with pleasures she came to crave.

His betrayal destroyed her

Worried for her safety, Alex left Eve behind to tackle a dangerous mission. But Alex never suspected that Eve was the real target and her security is destroyed by a madman. By the time he rescues her, his wife has been changed forever.

But when her life is in danger, he is her only hope

Unable to heal the damage, Alex and Eve are still trapped together in a cycle of pleasure and misery that even their divorce cannot sever. But when a threat from Eve’s past resurfaces, Alex will stop at nothing to save her life and reclaim her heart.

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My Review:

First off, I have to be completely honest. I adore Lexi Blake, I devour everything she’s ever written and will always do so. She never disappoints and always gives me stories I can stand up and shout to total strangers that they need to read this now.

On Her Master’s Secret Service is a perfect example, she takes these two characters that readers have been following around since the very first book who are so broken that you just want to reach out and heal them and gives them a beautiful story. A story that is real, a story that shows what love really should be. It isn’t all roses and sunshine, sometimes love is just holding on through the darkest of hours and never letting go. It’s about fighting for what you know you need, and sometimes it’s making some awful mistakes but loving each other enough to get past them.

Alex and Eve love each other, they do, but life well life got in the way. They’re also a perfect example of how important communication can be. There were a few times in this story I just wanted to grab both their hands and say stop, and just really listen to each other.

The story is so well plotted out and Ms. Blake gives some awesome clues that I had me guessing some major secrets early on, and I was hooked so deeply that I had to keep reading just to find out if I was right. She really has pulled off one of the coolest and biggest secrets I have ever read in a series, and she does so beautifully I might add.

Alex and Eve together is both sweet and sexy. They were truly meant to be together and their journey back to each other is one I will be returning to often. Ms. Blake also gives us more back story and clues about other characters of future books and I for one cannot wait for the next one.
This is a story I highly recommend, and honestly I truly recommend the whole series. They really are best read in order, and will not disappoint.

5 Books

I bought this book with my own money. I was not compensated for my review. 


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  1. I loved the first book in the series. Can't wait to get back and read the rest of em. Sounds like a great read :)

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