Tuesday, July 2, 2013

NetGalley Knockout Begins!

NetGalley Knockout

Here’s a List of Galleys I need to get through. They’re all part of my journey on this challenge. I’m listing them here so that it’s out there and I have to do it. I’ll have a weekly progress post on Sundays. So here they are (in no particular order):


College Boys – Daisy Harris
Trying to Score – Toni Aleo
Empty Net – Toni Aleo
Training Their Mate – Veila Day
Claimed – Stacey Kennedy
Jaguar Fever – Terry Spear
King Hall – Scarlett Dawn
How to Date a Dragon – Ashlyn Chase
Tempting a Devil – Samantha Kane
Bad Nights – Rebecca York
The Companions – R.A. Salvatore
The Godborn – Paul S. Kemp
Conveniently His Princess – Olivia Gates

Other e-Galleys for Review

Less Than a Gentleman – Kerrelyn Sparks
Marooned with a Millionaire – Sandra Bunino
Norse Jewel – Gina Conkle
Luck of the Dragon – Susannah Scott
The First Order – Peyton Elizabeth
The Cat’s Meow – Stacey Kennedy
Athena’s Daughter – Juli Page Morgan
South of Surrender – Laura Kaye
Be Your Everything – Hazel St. James
Double Her Fantasy – Randi Alexander
Dungeon Time – Kate Richards
Werewolves be Damned – Stacey Kennedy

*All Links are to Goodreads(Will update to my Reviews as finished)

Wow! I have a lot of work cut out for me. I know I can do it. It’s so hot that we’re spending so much time indoors this summer. Wish me luck! And do follow along, there are sure to be some great reviews (maybe a contest or two).

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