Saturday, May 11, 2013

Review/Giveaway: Marco by Melissa Schroeder

Marco is the quiet one of the four brothers which works well for his career as a Navy Seal. Living in Hawaii is a dream come true, his only probably is the infatuation he has for his landlady. He’s not sure he wants to act on his attraction until his brothers push Marco’s temper with a little harmless flirting.

Alana Kailikea is a woman who understands loss. Her entire family was killed when she was only eighteen, leaving her an heiress. A bad experience with gold digger has left her wary of most men—especially gorgeous men like Marco. She never expected him to ask her out, or that it would lead to a romance that has them burning up the sheets. Still, she tells him that an affair is all she wants.

Marco doesn’t want an affair—he wants forever. He agrees to her idea of an affair determined to use every chance she gives to convince her that they were made for each other.

My Review:

Marco is the second in The Santinis series from Melissa Schroeder, and it’s another great addition. Marco is a Navy SEAL stationed in Hawaii and he’s very attracted to his landlady, Alana Kailikea. Alana isn’t sure she wants a relationship with a gorgeous SEAL, but Marco can and does break down her walls.

I loved Marco from the beginning, I think it’s because he’s the quiet brother. I related to him. Alana is strong, beautiful and curvy, a great heroine in my book. I love curvy heroines that are full of life and attitude.

There are few scenes where all four Santinis are together, and the testosterone overload almost melted me. I love these brothers, and each and every one of them intrigues me. I loved Marco’s story, and I loved Leo’s story and I know I’ll love Gianni’s and Vincente’s stories. The way Ms.Schroeder tells a story in so few words but still manages to engage me with her characters, speaks volumes to her skill.

I recommend Marco as strongly and as highly as I recommended Leonardo. Jump in and read this series, they don’t disappoint, and are definitely making the month of May much more enjoyable to me. So go ahead and judge a book by its cover. This particular story lives up to the hot cover that represents it.

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I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Check out the Gianni coming May 17, 2013.

The Santinis Book 3
Release date May 17

The youngest of the Santinis, Gee has always been the biggest flirt. He usually has no problem charming women. That is until he spies Kianna Jones across the room. For once in his life, he is unable to charm her into a date.

Kianna is a woman who doesn’t expect romance, especially with a sexy PJ who is five years younger than she is. But, he just won’t give up so she agrees to a date, which turns into several and eventually to the best sex of her life. Still, she isn’t ready to commit beyond their present status.

Gee isn’t happy when Kianna resists taking their relationship to the next level but he refuses to give up. If there is one thing a Santini understands is that nothing worth fighting for comes easily—and he is prepared to launch the fight of his life.

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  1. I love all branches because anyone who serves is a hero to me! But there is something extremely sexy and mysterious about a Seal. I just love everything about them.

  2. Hmmm testosterone swoon? I would not mind being in a room with all those men. lol Sounds like a yummy one and whew look at that tummy!

    I love the curvy heroines too :)