Friday, May 31, 2013

Review: Melody's Wolf by Mina Carter

P.S. Isn't this the hottest and prettiest cover ever?


Melody's love life is in a bit of a dry spell...for the last two years. Content tracking down archaeological evidence of werewolf packs, she spends her time wearing wellingtons and covered in mud rather than looking for a date. Knowing her worried brother isn’t above arranging a kidnapping to get her to go on a date, she agrees to a match with 1Night Stand, figuring Madame Eve has to be a better matchmaker than her beloved brother.

Money, fame, looks—rock star and werewolf Aaron Rixx has it all, except the one thing that truly Yearning for a woman to see him for who he is, he lets Madame Eve make all the arrangements. No matter where he goes, as the lead singer of the world famous band, Lyric Hounds, he's always all he expects is a night of hot sex and a quiet weekend with his music.

He never anticipates Madame Eve might find the one woman on the planet who doesn't recognize him on sight...or the one he and his wolf identify instantly as their mate. Will one night be enough for him to convince Melody she's his forever?

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My review:

What do you get when you cross a hot famous werewolf and rockstar with a shy archeologists who doesn’t pay attention to modern culture, one hot night full of sex and the beginning of a beautiful love story, that’s what! This is part of the 1NS series, so we only get the one night with Melody and Aaron but their chemistry is off the charts that it’s the beginning of future that seems so bright and sexy. After all Melody is his mate, the one fated for him. It’s only fitting that she doesn’t recognize him. I loved Melody and her amazing attitude, she embraces life so beautifully. I’d love to be her. Throw in a hot a werewolf rocker who knows his way around the female body and I would gladly switch places with her.

I really want to read about the rest of the Lyric Hounds and Melody’s brother, be they 1NS stories or not. Either way I plan to pick up more of Ms. Carter’s work. So read this for its ability to make you fall in love in one night and actually believe the situation. Plus the sex scenes are scorching hot, it’s a night full of passion after all!

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I purchased this book with my own money, this is my honest opinion.


  1. She is wonderful. You'll be come addicted to all her other works, like i have. Trust me. You'll be a new fan LOL

  2. I'll read the book once I'm done licking the cover.

  3. OOo yes that cover got me too. It's on my tbr pile and dang it sounds good. Not usually one for the one night stands so glad you thought it worked!