Sunday, May 26, 2013

Review: What Part of Marine Don't You Understand? by Heather Long


Matt McCall’s struggles to reintegrate into civilian life have been an ongoing battle for the better part of two years. Daily group sessions and weekly one-on-ones have only allowed him to grow so far. Twice he’s returned to his home state of Indiana and twice, he retreated to Mike’s Place. Uncertain of where he belongs in the world, he silently battles depression. The unexpected gift of Jethro, a black Labrador Retriever, perks his spirit…and a chance meeting in the park gives him a precious gift…

Aspiring country singer, Naomi Sparks, comes from a long line of Marines, so she knows all about sacrifice and struggle. When her Congressman brother asks her to visit Mike’s Place on his behalf, she discovers a real opportunity to make a difference. And meeting former Marine Matt McCall inspires her with the real challenge of discovering love and daring heroes who takes risks. Writing music has never been so sweet….

Can one woman who believes in him really heal the wounds in this Marine’s heart?

My Review:

Matt McCall is working hard to acclimate to civilian life. He’s struggling with PTSD, and is back at Mike’s Place to get the help he needs. I like Matt, he’s hurt yet fighting to get better. Jethro, his unexpected best friend, adds a level of warmth to this story. This is part of Decadent Publishing’s Challenge Series and the challenges that Matt faces are handled beautifully. Naomi Sparks, is a child of a Marine and a sister to Marines, she’s dealt with PTSD before but never saw herself falling for a Marine. Jethro and Matt charm her with their quiet ways and inspire her to new heights.

I can truly say that I enjoyed this story. It moves quickly yet builds slowly all at once. It’s a short story but I felt very satisfied with this story when I finished. Ms. Long writes a great military romance, and I pick up each and every one, and I’ve yet to be disappointed. The way Matt’s journey is interwoven with the romance entranced me and drew me in. I recommend this story for lovers of hot, strong Marines and fun loving women with the heart and strength to love them through anything.  

5 Books

I received this book in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated for my review.

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