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Interview/Review/Giveaway: Hunted Series by Jennifer Ryan

Saved by the Rancher by Jennifer Ryan


A million dollar mistake…

Marrying millionaire David Merrick was the biggest mistake of Jenna Caldwell’s life. Two years after their divorce, Jenna is still on the run, relocating to a new place every few months after each terrifying run-in with her ex. No matter where she hides, he always finds her, and each time his temper worsens. Bruised, battered, and bloodied, Jenna takes her lawyer’s advice and relocated to a quiet ranch in Colorado in the hopes that she can finally stop running…

Another chance at finding a safe-haven…

Jack Turner was also running; in the hopes of forgetting about his nightmarish experiences in the army, he’s retreated to his family’s ranch. But Jenna shows up and forces him out of his isolation—and right into her arms. All he wants to do is pull her close and protect her from the world—and especially from her stalker of an ex. But David Merrick is on the hunt for Jenna and he won’t stop until she’s dead.

…And a romance worth the risk

Despite the looming danger posed by Jenna’s ex, Jack and Jenna find themselves inexorably drawn to each other, and just being with one another is healing them—both externally and emotionally. But can Jenna get past the fear factor of giving herself over to another man?

My Review:

This is a great start to a series. Ms. Ryan takes on the sensitive subject of an abusive ex-husband and handles it beautifully. Throw in a sexy rancher who is ex-military and a woman on a run and it’s an amazing story that pulled me in from the beginning. I really felt for Jenna, I was sad and I hurt for her. Jack Turner was sexy and yummy from the very beginning and I wanted Jenna and him to have a happily ever after. They were perfect for each other, throw in a loyal golden retriever who instantly bonds with Jenna, and it was obvious that Jenna had finally found where she belongs.

I’m looking forward to picking up the next two books in the series; in fact they’re waiting on my tablet. I just wish I had the time to read them already. This story was sets up the secondary characters with such rich personalities that I’m looking forward to reading their happily ever afters too.
5 Books

I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. I wasn't compensated for my review.

Author Interview:

Thank you Jennifer for taking the time to answer some questions. I appreciate it!

Which genre(s) do you write and is one of them your favorite?

I write romantic suspense and contemporary romance. I like both for different reasons.

Romantic suspense give me a chance to play with villains - of all kinds. They are so much fun to write.

Contemporary romance lets me explore relationships, and I find them to be more intimate. Like watching someone's life through a window.

Plotter or Pantser? Why?

Definitely a pantser. I write organically, starting with the opening scene and seeing where my characters take me. Whenever a new story comes to me, it's always the first scene - the catalyst for everything else. From there, I let the story flow. I like not knowing what's going to happen next. Though it can be frustrating at times to sit there and wonder where it's all going and will I work it out in the end.

I write just about every day, though I'm more a binge writer. During the week, my time is taken up with my day job - yes, I have one - and my three children and husband. On the weekends, I can sit and write for hours.

My family says I have a superpower - concentration. I can block everything out when I'm writing.

Tell us about The Hunted Series?

Right now, I have books 1-3 out. Saved by the Rancher, Lucky Like Us, and The Right Bride. As the series title suggests, in each book one of the characters is being hunted in some way.

In Saved by the Rancher, Jenna is literally being hunted by her ex-husband. He's determined to get her - and the shares in his company she took from him - back. He'll stop at nothing to find her, no matter where she thinks she can hide.

Elizabeth in Lucky Like Us saves FBI agent Sam Turner from being run down by a serial killer and ends up in the hospital with a target on her back. The Silver Fox wants to see her dead before she can identify him to the FBI.

The Right Bride is a bit different. Cameron Shaw is a high powered businessman looking for a mother for his young daughter, but not necessarily love for himself, until he meets and falls in love at first sight with Marti. She's everything he thought he'd never have in his life. She'd be the perfect wife to him and the loving mother he wants for Emma.

Too bad the woman he's been dating is on the hunt for a powerfully wealthy man to provide her with an anything but ordinary life. Shelly is determined to have him and will stop at nothing to marry him, including lying about being pregnant with his child.

Let's hope Cameron sees through the lies in time and marries The Right Bride.

Tell us about a favorite character from your book.

While all the characters in my books hold a special place in my heart, Marti in The Right Bride is probably my favorite. She's tough and strong, intelligent and whimsical, loving and kind. She gets Cameron. When all his friends are telling him he's stupid for wanting to marry Shelly for the sake of his baby with her, she understands his strong conviction to give his children the very best life possible - with a mother and a father, a real family. Oh, she knows Shelly is lying about the baby, but understands Cameron's desire to be a good and loving father to his children - even if it means dooming himself to a miserable life with Shelly. She knows she's what Cameron really wants and doesn't back down from proving to him she's the woman he should be with. She's not about to lose the man she loves because of a lie. I like her determination. It's what Cameron loves about her too.

Tell us about your next release.

Fans of the series will be happy to know Tyler and Morgan's story is due to be released October 2013. Tyler is Sam's partner in Lucky Like Us. Morgan is a psychic, helping Tyler with his cases, though she's nothing more than a sultry voice on the phone - and in his mind - frustrating him. All he wants to do is find her, though it will take him a while to figure out it's because he loves her and wants to build a life on the strange connection they already share. First, he'll have to save her from the serial killer bent on ridding San Francisco of all the false psychics and finding Morgan.

Book 4: The Hunted Series

Morgan Standish can see things other people can’t - she can see the past and future.  She has a few other hidden gifts that have cost her from being close to anyone, except FBI agent, Tyler Reed.  She’s connected to him in a way even she can’t explain. One of Tyler’s cases will bring her out of hiding and back into his life.  She’s solved several cases for him in the past, but will her gifts be enough to bring down a serial killer whose ultimate goal is to kill Morgan.

About the Author:
Jennifer Ryan writes romantic suspense and contemporary small-town romances featuring strong men and equally resilient women. Her stories are filled with love, friendship, and the happily-ever-after we all hope to find. Jennifer lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, three children, dog (Bella), and cat (Shadow). When she isn't writing a book, she's reading one.

Author Links:

Twitter: @JenRyan_author /

Other Books in the Series:

Lucky Like Us by Jennifer Ryan

Avon Impulse| On Sale: 4/9/2013| e-Book ISBN: 9780062271327 | $1.99

Too sweet for her own good…

Elizabeth Hamilton is almost where she wants to be in life: she’s got the best bakery in town, she’s the daughter of the most feared and respected judge in the country, and business is booming—but she’s got no one to share it with. No one, that is, except a grumpy cat named The Muffin Man, and a social climbing psychotic stalker of an ex-boyfriend.

But all of the sweetness in Elizabeth’s life goes sour when she sees Sam Turner lying unconscious in the street—with car speeding toward him—she saves him without a moment’s hesitation—and unwittingly puts herself in the path of a serial murderer. As the only one who can identify the FBI’s Silver Fox Killer, she’s ended up in the hospital with a target on her back.

A man who could use some sugar…

Special Agent Sam Turner owes Elizabeth Hamilton his life—and now, he’s the only one who can save hers. After the Silver Fox almost killed the both of them, Elizabeth and Sam can’t help but spend time together, and against his better judgment, Sam gets emotionally involved with the charming, brave woman who rescued him from certain death. Hell-bent on protecting her from an ex desperate to get her back—despite a restraining order—and a psychopath bent on silencing her before she can identify him, Sam is prepared to give up all he has to keep Elizabeth safe…even his heart.

They set a trap to catch the killer - putting Elizabeth in his hands, with Sam desperate to save her. If he’s lucky, he’ll get his man...and the girl.

The Right Bride by Jennifer Ryan:

High-powered businessman Cameron Shaw doesn't believe in love—until he falls head over heels for beautiful, passionate, and intensely private Martina. She's perfect in so many ways, immediately bonding with his little girl. Martina could be his future bride and a delightful stepmother … if only Cameron weren't blinded by his belief that Shelly, the gold-digging woman he's promised to marry, is pregnant with his child.

No matter how much his friends protest his upcoming marriage to Shelly, Cameron knows he has a duty to his children, so he's determined to see it through. Will he find out in time that Shelly's lying and Marti's the one who's actually carrying his child? It'll come down to the day of his wedding. After choosing Shelly over Marti at every turn, will he convince Marti she's his world and the only woman he wants?


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