Thursday, August 15, 2013

Spotlight: The Perfect Sub by Jayson Locke


Drew Prescott thinks he has to be perfect to attract the Dom of his dreams. However, after a year of repressing his true personality, he must face the fact that Dominant Holt Benedict still isn’t interested. In a desperate effort to move on with his life, he contacts Madame Eve, requesting a Dominant who will make him forget Holt so he can try to heal his broken heart. But when his date demonstrates a different way of seeing things, their one night changes everything and forces Drew to recognize the difference between being a perfect sub and offering perfect submission to the man he craves.

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About The Author:
Jayson writes MM romance in the BDSM world, hence the tagline “gay kink.” You won’t find much here about the author. Jayson prefers to let the work tell the stories. However, the curious are always welcome and encouraged to post comments on the blog which will be all about Jayson’s writing journey, from the story of a perfect sub, to one about forgetting the past, to Jayson’s series about Mase and Ty.


The door opened and I froze, not that I had been moving. A muffled curse drifted to my straining ears.

“Andrew Prescott?” a gruff voice asked.

“Yes, sir. And it’s Drew, sir,” I replied quietly.

Another muffled curse rent the silence. The door closed. Boots trod across the floor toward me.

“You’re my one-night stand.”

The unmuffled words filtered into my brain and rang in my ears. I fought not to tremble. The voice belonged to Holt Benedict!

As the Dominant paced, the sound of his boots treading across the floor from my left to my right and back again, my mind flooded with disbelief. Had Madame Eve thought one night with Holt would make me decide I no longer wanted him? Perhaps she knew something about him I didn’t. Maybe she knew he didn’t suit me after all. Maybe she thought if I actually spent a night submitting to him, I wouldn’t idolize him any longer. And she could be right. I would get this man out of my system and it would allow me to get on with my life and find a master who really wanted my submission.

The booted footsteps stopped in front of me. I held myself still. I would not give Holt the satisfaction of performing at a sub-par level.

“Why are you here, Drew?”

I wanted to rage at him and burn through some of my pain, but I didn’t. I had taught myself control, taught myself how to be a good sub, and I wouldn’t do such an undisciplined thing as blurt out my feelings. At least, I was good now. I hadn’t always been.

“I contacted Madame Eve and arranged a one-night stand.” My words were remarkably even for a man who quivered inside with a million nerves.

“With me.”

His arrogant tone made my stomach churn with anger and bitterness. For a year, I had been as near to perfect as possible. I had tamed my temper and my tendency to be a bit of a brat. I bit my tongue so many times I ended up having it pierced it so I’d have something else to bite on besides my own flesh. All because I’d wanted him to notice me. I’d wanted him to want me. Since he’d been looking for the perfect sub, I’d been as perfect as possible, but not once had the man bothered to notice me. His curt, arrogant tone stung my lacerated feelings and set me free of my resolve to show him my perfection.

“Hell, no! I didn’t ask her for you!”

He sucked in a harsh breath. “That is no way to address your master.”

Driven by pain, I let his rough words spur me on. “You’re not my master.”

“Tonight I am.”

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