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Spotlight/Giveaway: Acceptance by Starla Kaye

Being the CEO of a major architectural company in California has taken over far too much of Chase’s life, leaving no time for romance. But when a handsome Spaniard offers drinks and conversation, talking leads to one spectacular night and an awareness of what he really wants. But once Rico returns home to Spain, Chase will be alone, again.

Rico lives on his family’s strict schedules with no time for contemplating what is missing in his life. He doesn’t expect to meet someone special on this business trip. But he is drawn to the big, striking blond American. Giving Chase someone to talk to, takes Rico’s mind off his problems. And a mutual attraction gives them both a chance to forget everything else and let their passionate natures run free.
Chase has a company to run and Rico must return home to Spain, a truth they must both accept, but will acceptance be enough when it comes to waking up alone?

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“Regrettably, I believe it is time for me to return to my hotel.”
Chase set down the empty shot glass, and a frown creased his brow. “I understand. I’ll admit I don’t like seeing the evening end.” He eased his chair away from the table. “The least I can do is give you a ride.”
A ride. Rico’s body interpreted the phrase in a whole different way. His heart pounded with the urge to press the striking man for much more than a simple goodbye. Instead he valiantly controlled his need and said, “I believe we should take cabs this night. I would hate to think of you getting into an accident because we both enjoyed too much whisky.”
Chase didn’t even attempt to protest. He stood, nodding. “We can share a cab, if that’s all right with you.” He turned to face the bartender. “Just put it all on my tab, Tom.”
“Not a problem.” He picked up the phone beside him. “I’ll call for your cab right now.”
“Thanks.” Chase started to pull out his wallet but stopped when he saw that Rico had already tossed a considerable tip on the table.
Rico yawned, exhaustion catching up with him as well as having sat for too long. “Sorry. It’s been a long day.”
“I apologize for keeping you out so late.” Chase headed for the doorway. “Hopefully you can get some rest before your plane leaves tomorrow.”
Rest wasn’t what appealed to Rico at the moment. His gaze had followed Chase’s taut ass as he walked ahead of him. He’d been thinking all night about what the handsome blond would look like naked. The man had a well-toned body and a confident way of carrying himself that had captured his interest upon meeting. When they’d shaken hands, something had passed between them. A slight tingling sensation, but more than that. He’d been almost certain Chase had felt the connection as well. It had been a long time since Rico had experienced such a powerful attraction and an aching need to take someone.
“Are you all right?” Chase asked, turning to stop and wait for him to catch up.
Pulled from his wandering thoughts, Rico said, “Si. I just have something on my mind.” He drew in a settling breath and forced a smile. “Someone, actually.”
“Someone?” Chase asked, raising one eyebrow.
Interest was there in the man’s expression, in the heat that flashed in the blue eyes. Rico took a chance. “You.”

About The Author:

Live, love, laugh…such simple words, but words I take to heart. There are never enough hours in my day to do even half of the things I would like to do. But no matter how crazy my life gets, I try to incorporate my words to live by (live, love, laugh) into each day.

Family and friends are extremely important to me. Life is far too short not to spend time with these special people in some way each day. My husband supports me in my writing craziness…always eagerly waiting for that million-dollar sale. (Dream on.) My daughter supports me in so many ways, including designing my website and fixing the many computer screw-ups I manage on an almost daily basis. And my friends, especially fellow writers, support me when I need it, just as I support them in return.

Beyond my family, I enjoy traveling anywhere, at anytime. But I will never see enough. I will always hunger for one more trip. All of my many adventures and observations of people and places help my writer’s imagination. I’m filled with ‘what ifs’ and ideas for yet more characters. My writing, too, leads me on many adventures. I dabble with romances of many sub-genres: contemporary, historical Western, medieval, sci-fi, paranormal, and Regency.

Twitter: @starla_kaye


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