Thursday, August 29, 2013

Review: Rumpling Riley by Virginia Nelson


Riley Gold likes things neat. He appreciates order, organization. Sure, he wants to find love but he sticks to the kitchen, loving his life as a chef, where he can carefully measure, time, and control every situation.

Basil Culver grew up alone. An orphan, he got bounced from home to home and learned at a young age to keep people at a distance. Attachment meant eventual agony—when the person unfailingly abandoned him. Better to live every moment, allow for the chaos of the universe, and keep rolling.

When these opposites clash, sparks fly. Can Basil manage to rumple Riley’s carefully tucked sheets?

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My Review:

Rumpling Riley is a great new M/M from Virginia Nelson with some fun and unique elements. A sexy romance, filled with heroes with quirks that learn to overcome their quirks for each other, throw in a bit of a foodie romance vibe and I was instantly hooked.

Riley Gold is a man who loves control and I could definitely understand where his issues would be a barrier to a relationship but Basil Culver easily overcomes those barriers with an amazing ease.

I adored Basil, mostly because of the way he instantly fell for and cared for Riley all while battling his own issues. Ms. Nelson does an amazing job blending these two men into a seamless relationship. She writes a quick hot read that I will gladly read again and shout about to all of my friends.

5 Books

I received a book from the author in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated for my review. 

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