Sunday, June 9, 2013

Review: To Have a Human by Amber Kell


Sometimes it’s the family you choose that loves you the most.

Carey Gale always knew about shifters. It was difficult not to know when your best friends could turn into some of the deadliest beasts. When he gets a daytime job to support his band working at a shifter owned business, he doesn't expect to fall hopelessly in lust with Broden Lyall, the company’s alpha. Sadly, Broden thinks little of humans. He considers them helpless and weak. But when hunters come after Carey’s friends, Broden learns that not all humans are alike, and he will do anything to have one slim, blond human.

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My Review:

I really liked Carey Gale, he had this don’t mess with me attitude that just made me smile. I loved Broden Lyall mostly because of the way he underestimates Carey’s strength, though I couldn’t really blame him. He was raised to think all humans are weaker than shifters.

Carey and Broden together is explosive. Seriously they just about melt the page, and I loved their chemistry. They overcome their misunderstandings beautifully and I hope they have a long life together.

Ms. Kell sets the stage for a few more books in this series with the other band mates and I look forward to reading their stories. I recommend this for the hot shifters, the human who is anything but weak and the great new series and world being built here.

4 Books

I purchased this book with my own money, this is my honest opinion.

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