Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Guest Post/Giveaway: The Lady and the Lawman by Jennifer Zane

My Top 10 Favorite Appliances

I'm guessing this is a first for most of you. Authors probably don't promote appliances in blogs. I could be like Goldie in my Gnome Series because all of the 'appliances' on her list would be various adult toys from her store. Since this isn't an erotic blog (maybe just very racy!), I'll focus on more everyday items.

It might seem silly, but you can really get a glimpse into someone's personality and life by this. For example, I drink one cup of coffee a day with half of it chocolate milk. You won't see an espresso machine, nor a real coffee maker on my list.

Here goes:

1.      Pressure Cooker- I get so busy that I can't remember to cook potatoes in advance for mashed potatoes so I can have them made in five minutes. I can also make homemade chicken soup in five minutes and look like a heroine to my kids. (See—now you know I have kids, no time, and like to cook homemade)

2.    Crock Pot- Technically the opposite of a pressure cooker, but really, just throw everything in the pot and walk away for the entire day. I can even leave the house without it catching fire! My favorite is this Indian Tikka Masala recipe that takes 5 minutes and can feed a crowd (or me with lots of leftovers)

3.    Headlamp- Those little flashlights that have the head strap on it. I have one next to my bed so I can read after hours. My kids have them to go camping, but they're better for reading in bed (and the batteries last longer than book lights!)

4.    Snowblower- If you've read my Gnome Series, you know they are set in Montana. I lived there for five years and you can't survive (or stay out of traction) without one. They cut through a foot of snow like a hot knife through butter. Now that I'm in Colorado, they're a little more of a novelty, but people have actually stopped us out front and paid my kids $20 for them to do their sidewalk.

5.     Hair diffuser- I have ridiculously curly hair and I can't just use a hair dryer. I'd look like a wild raccoon and a tornado got together. The hair diffuser is magical!

6.    Garage freezer- Stores tons and tons of food you can't fit in your house. I'm sure you have one too. (Yes, I'm always hungry!)

7.     Garage keypad- One of those numbered keypads where you can get in your garage without a remote. A lifesaver (unless the power goes out).

8.    A bike basket- I just got one for the front of my cruiser bike. It's amazing what kind of stuff you want to lug around with you.

9.    The side burner on your gas grill- My father-in-law comes to town and fries meatballs. No way is my house going to smell like a McDonalds. That side burner is very handy for all those stinky dishes.

10.   A car trash can- Who's got kids? 'Nuf said.

Now you know I like to cook, I live in cold climates, I stay up late and ride a bike. I also write a series called the Gnome Novel Series- Contemporary romances set in Montana. My new release, The Lady And The Lawman, is a historical western.

I'd love to hear from all of you and what your favorite appliance is. Leave a comment for a chance to win an ebook of The Lady And The Lawman.

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