Sunday, June 9, 2013

Review: Ours by Hazel Gower


After being dragged to the gym by her best friend to learn self-defense, Sandy is blown away by the gorgeous instructors, Jake and Zack. But they’re also Neanderthals like her brothers, so getting involved with them is off limits.

Shifter cousins, Jake and Zack are instantly captivated and aroused by the feisty redhead, which fate has brought into their lives. Rather than confess their love in the more traditional way, they break into her house, undress and show her she’s their mate in a much more physical way.

Can Sandy resist the two men? Or will they convince her their bond and passion will still give her the freedom she craves?

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My Review:

I read the first in the Bears series by Hazel Gower, and I loved it. So when I saw the second was out I bought it without even reading the blurb. I wasn’t disappointed. Yes, the characters fall into bed quickly but I suspend any disbelief because it’s a shifter story and there is the whole insta-mate thing going on. Ms. Gower handles that very well.

Zach and Jake like each other and quickly accept that they share a mate and work together to get Sandy on board. I loved the way they worked together to put Sandy at ease. This is a fast paced story but I was left very satisfied at the end. I could feel the love between the couples by the end and definitely saw a happily ever after in their future.

I recommend this story for the hot bear shifters who are Alpha males and the fiery redhead who gives them hell yet loves them so sweetly.

4 Stars

I purchased this book with my own money.

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