Saturday, June 8, 2013

Reveiw: A Highland Werewolf Wedding by Terry Spear


Elaine Hawthorn is a gray American werewolf, currently out of work, and on a mission to share in a family treasure. When she arrives in Scotland, she nearly has a head-on collision with one hot, kilt-garbed Highlander, and runs him off the road.

Werewolf laird Cearnach MacNeill isn't happy Elaine ruined his car, but he quickly becomes her protector after a misunderstanding lands her right in the middle of two feuding clans. Now he's out to ensure that this sexy female wolf gets her fair share of her clan's treasure. He knows he should leave well enough alone, but it's too late to leave his heart out of it

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My Review:

In what has to be the best heroine meets hero moment ever, Elaine Hawthorn and Cearnach MacNeill meet when she runs him off the road. Cearnach is on his way to a wedding of a friend’s, even though he is very much unwelcome by her groom and his family. When Elaine runs him off the road and damages her car, he drags the American wolf with him. So begins a wonderful, sweet, sexy and funny love story, these do were fated to each other. Watching them fall in love despite their families being at odds, just shows that Ms. Spear is a superb storyteller.

There are some amazing twists and turns in this story that surprised me. Not every day an author can actually surprise me anymore, but Ms. Spear did so twice in this story. Elaine and Cearnach are both loveable and likeable characters. When there are shapeshifters involved the timeline of falling in love is sped up but it’s easily understandable and doesn’t detract from this story. It’s easy to see why Elaine and Cearnach fall in love, after all he’s a hot Scotsman in a kilt and he’s determined to protect her and easily surrenders his heart.

I loved this story and I highly recommend it. This was a story of love, lust, and buried treasure. This is part of an ongoing series but could easily be read as a standalone, but honestly just read all of Ms. Spear’s werewolves, they are all delicious reads.

5 Books

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.  I was not paid for my review. 

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