Saturday, March 16, 2013

Guest Post/Giveaway: Dakota Trace

*whistles a jaunty tune, entering the room* Happy St. Patrick’s Day. *Throws green and silver confetti into the air.* What? *places hand on hip* You didn’t honestly think that I would ignore St. Paddy’s Day did you? *arches brow* I’ll have you know I’m a devout Irish muse and can get my Muse card revoked if I don’t celebrate our national holiday.
“Girl, you make me soo jealous. Where did you get that corset?”
*spins around* Rena! This little thing *gestures to hunter green corset* I found it at some little shop on Lake Shore Drive. But enough about my kick ass clothing. What are you doing here? I thought I was gonna have to deal with your man at this stop. *hugs the black submissive*
“Like I’d let her out of my sight.” *Jackson saunters into the room wearing a forest green pullover*
Well damn it. *bats eyes at Jackson* Why did you have to be wearing green? I was looking forward to pinching your hind end.
*rolls eyes at antics* “Like I’m going to be stupid enough to show up without green on after you assaulted Hark yesterday. I’m surprised he let you free so soon.  Besides it isn’t St. Patricks Day yet. You can’t pinch me even if I wasn’t wearing green.”
*shakes head*  Like that’s gonna stop me.  Us Muses celebrate the whole weekend.  And Hark? He knew what was good for him. If he kept me tied up too long I’d have given him the biggest case of blue balls ever known to man.
*Jackson shudders* “Evil, evil woman.” *joins Rena, nuzzling her neck* “So we going to get on with it? I know a submissive who has a date with a crop.”
*Rena squirms* “White boy, you don’t stop that I’m going to…”
“What?” *nips her ear*
Ooooo can I watch? If you folks didn’t know this Jackson and Rena from Choosing Rena. He’s got a fetish for exhibition. Don’t let his southern boy charm fool you, he loves to perform. *wiggles eyebrows* If you know what I mean….
*Jackson growls* “It’s not happening. I had enough of that while Dakota was writing our story, you damned voyeur.”
*pouts* But you like to be watched, remember?
“There’s a difference between watching and giving rude suggestions and pointers in the middle of a scene, Muse.”
 *giggles* Can you believe a man who loves to be watched is actually offended because I told him it was better to…?
*Jackson interrupts* “Where the hell’s that scarf? Hark definitely had the right idea. You are best seen and not heard.”
*sticks tongue out at Jackson* Whatever. I hid that scarf, so don’t bother looking Demo-boy. *turns to viewers* Before Jackson decides to do something unnatural with the contents of my slave’s – I mean Dakota’s basket, lets get around to discussing why I’m here and Dakota’s off in Florida bathing in the sun. She has a new addition to her Doms of Chicago series. Gabriel’s Light revolves around the grumpy restaurant owner every one saw in Choosing Rena and this little sweet Greek honey from across the pond...
“Ah Livvy you do realize that ‘across the pond' refers to England right?” *Rena offers*
*shrugs shoulders* Pond, ocean, there’s a lot of water between that little back asswards Greek town she grew up in and the bustling city of Chicago. *giggles* So anyhow Zhenya meets the hunky Gabriel and decides she needs to jump his bones but he’s still mourning the delightful Sara. *nibbles on lip as Jackson unbuckles his belt* Hey you gonna perform here? I know that this is adult rated blog but I don’t know if Ms Sheri will be happy with you getting jiggy with Rena right here…
*grins* “Oh this isn’t for Rena.” *lays belt on the table* “It’s for you if you get out of hand….so why don’t you get to the point our visit, so I can take Rena home, hmmm? You have thirty seconds…”
Or what? *taunts* You’re gonna paddle my butt with it?
*shakes head* “Nope, I’m gonna use it to hogtie you with it and send you home to your mother.”
*pales* You wouldn’t dare…                                                                                                                                                     
*tsks at Muse* “You ought to know me better than that, Livvy. And you have twenty five seconds left.”
*swallows* Fine *eyes the dark leather belt* As I was saying before, I’m not the writer, just Dakota’s lowly muse and she does such a better job describing her book than me. So CLICK HERE to read the official blurb and excerpt.
“Twenty seconds.”
 *continues in a rush* And today we’re giving away a E-copy of Choosing Rena to one lucky commenter. It’s a steamy story featuring these two….
*Rena giggles as Jackson counts down*
“Ten, nine, eight…” *reaches for belt*
*squeaks* …just leave your addy below with your comment. It will enter you for the daily prize as well as the grand prize Dakota will be giving away on the 23rd. *muse finishes with a rush* I’m soo out of here…I’m going back to Coffee and Books Anytime. Not only aren’t there any Doms there at the moment I can at least find some new reading material for my St. Paddy’s reading marathon.
“Don’t forget the parting gift, Livvy…” *Jackson stops fleeing muse*
*tosses chocolate bar at him.* You give it to her. *disappears*
*Jackson catches it and grins at Rena* “I told you it would work.” *pulls Rena close, before setting chocolate bar on the table next to his belt* “Here you go Ms. Sheri. Thanks for letting us invade your blog for a while. Enjoy your chocolate and St. Patty’s Day. I know I intend to.” *wolfish grin as he escorts Rena out of the room*

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  1. I love Jackson and Rena almost as much as Caelan and Nisey. Enjoying each of these posts.

  2. I think I am going to love Jackson, he brought the belt to keep Livvy in line. Great blog tour! :)

  3. Everytime I read a blurb I love the next person just as much!

  4. Oh, someone who finally gets Livvy to behave ;)
    I really love these stops and can't wait to read more tomorrow!
    manning_J2004 at yahoo dot com

  5. Thank you for stopping by everyone. Hosting Livvy, Jackson and Rena was a ton of fun!