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Guest Post: Cara Adams

Welcome Cara Adams to the blog today! She's here with an interview with Tor from “The Dom Unleashes his Wolf”

Who are you and what do you do for a living?

My name’s Torquil Martin. I’m called Tor. I work as a nurse in the town hospital.

Torquil? How did you get a name like that?

Um. Yeah. My name comes from the Norse god of thunder, Thor, and means ‘the protection of Thor’. I was actually left as a baby on the doorstep of the local church and Father Brian, the old priest who found me, named me after his grandfather.

You were abandoned at a church? I thought that only happened in stories?

I’m a werewolf, you see. Well, half werewolf, half human. My parents were very young and had a summer fling, and yeah, that’s what happened to me. It’s why I never ever ever told anyone I was half wolf. Until Gaynor and Cameron. But then I had to protect Gaynor and the secret kind of came out.

So tell us about Gaynor and Cameron.

I’m a Dom and they’re both subs. Cameron’s an attorney with a very stressful job so he turned to BDSM as a way to release all the stress from his work. In my hands he can relax knowing I’ll take care of him.
Gaynor works for the movie studio. She has pure white hair. We’ve wondered if her mom was psychic because Gaynor means white, you know.

You said you had to protect Gaynor. Why was that?

Her best friend Ramona is a puma shape-shifter and was attacked by a gang of rogue panthers. Cameron and Gaynor ran to help her and the only way I could protect them was to shift into my wolf. All my secrets came out and that changed up our relationship in a major way.

Will we be seeing more of you, or are you stepping out of the lime light?

There are eight books in the series and all of us come and go throughout them. Book five, “The Dom Unites Wolf and Panther” is special to me, and in book eight, “The Dom Ignites Her Passion” Cameron gets some of the limelight. Gaynor is in and out of most of the books in the “Unchained Love” series. She’s so friendly everyone knows and loves her.


“The Dom Unleashes His Wolf” is Tor’s story. 

When Gaynor Lee and Cameron Wilson discover their Dom is a wolf shape-shifter, their relationship is suddenly turned on its head. Everything has to change. For protection, they consider moving into a BDSM community, Carnal Connections, but then rogue panthers try to steal Gaynor’s friend Ramona. Is nowhere safe to live?
And how will they adjust to life in a BDSM community? They’ve always practiced a moderate form of BDSM, nothing too hard-core. Not to mention that Tor Martin is a wolf and most of the other shape-shifters there are panthers. Can cats and dogs cooperate, especially when some of them are Doms?

Meanwhile, Carnal Connections opens their eyes and minds to all sorts of sexual possibilities. BDSM has always been immensely freeing and fulfilling for all of them, but it gets even better. Until Tor wants Gaynor and Cameron to commit to him.

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Adult Excerpt: 

“Lie down, Gaynor. Put your head in Cameron’s lap.”
She did as instructed, not saying a word but giving as sexy a wiggle as she could manage with her ass and hips as she lay down. She was more than ready to begin playing the scene.
Tor opened the bag and withdrew a tiny box. He placed the bag on the nightstand with his flogger, then opened the box. He rested it on her thigh, so she couldn’t see what was inside it but Cameron could. She glanced up at Cameron’s face and saw his gaze heavy lidded with lust. Whatever could be in the box?
Tor kneeled beside the bed and sucked her left breast into his mouth. Gaynor sighed with pleasure. He did that so well. He didn’t just tease the nipple but drew in the areola and flesh around it as well, sucking them deep into his mouth, making them hot and wet with his saliva. It made the rest of her hot and wet, too, with desire for more of his touching.
She wanted to thrust her breast up into his mouth, to force him take more of her, but knew that would only make him stop sucking her nipple. He was the one deciding what to do here. Her job was simply to enjoy it. So she waited to see what he’d do next. When he took his mouth off her skin she almost complained but managed to tighten her lips and remain quiet. But damn, she wanted more!
Tor scraped his teeth over her nipple, and she had to bite her bottom lip to prevent a moan escaping her mouth. That was so good.
He picked up the little box, took something from it, and stretched her nipple out, elongating it between the thumb and forefinger of his left hand. With his other hand he placed the tiny object over her nipple, tightening a screw with his fingers. Nipple clamps. I’ve never worn them before.
There was a slight bite of pain as the clamps tightened, but he sucked her nipple again, soothing it, before placing his mouth over her other breast. This time she appreciated his actions even more as she knew what was happening. Again he wet her nipple and areola, stretched the nipple right out, ensuring it was fully engorged, then placed the clamp over it, tightening it until she was resting on the border of pleasure and pain.
Now what will he do? Or will Cameron do something?
Tor took a chain from the tiny box. Gaynor was confused. Was it a neck chain for Cameron to wear? But no, Tor leaned over her body again and attached one end of the chain to one nipple clamp and the other end to the other nipple jewelry. But Tor was still holding a length of chain. How could that be? Both nipples were already connected by the chain.
This time Tor leaned over her pussy and flicked his tongue over her clit. She almost gasped, but she managed to hold the sound inside her. A clit clamp! She’d heard of them but had never seen one, and now she was about to be wearing one. Tor sucked her clit hard, causing it to grow and heat. Cream was dripping from her pussy she was so aroused by the touching and the pressure of the nipple clips on her breasts. What effect would the clit clamp have? Would it bring her to orgasm? Or would it be painful when it was attached?
It felt much the same as the nipple clips. A sting of pain, then the throb of a highly aroused piece of flesh under pressure. When Tor attached the chain, he played with it for a while, adding weight and pressure to this nipple, then that one, then tugging on her clit.
“See how pink her skin is, Cameron. I could make her come very easily. Couldn’t I, Gaynor?”
“Yes, Sir.”
“Would you like to come right now?”
“Oh yes, please.”
“But that would spoil it, wouldn’t it. You’d only have a small orgasm. I want you to wait much longer, so you have a better climax. You will wait, won’t you, Gaynor?”
She knew he was right, but dammit she wanted to come, now. However, she nodded her head. “All right. I’ll wait, Sir.”
“That’s a good sub.” Tor pulled on the chains again, her clit, her right breast, her clit, her left breast. Immediately her entire body throbbed and hummed with desire, every inch of her body, every nerve ending screaming for release.
Tor stood over her, and she knew he understood how close she was to orgasming. Another touch would send her screaming off the cliff.
“Suck my cock,” he ordered her.

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