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Series Spotlight/Giveaway: Mischievous Matchmaker by Jayne Kingston

Series: Mischievous Matchmaker
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Flame rating: Sorching
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

To get started can you tell us what you are working on or have coming out?

As I write this I am working on a short story that’s tentatively being called Blind Date. It’s going to be the last book in the Mischievous Matchmaker series. I tried to tie up one last loose end with a quick mention at the end of Luck of the Draw, and then someone said they would like to read how that story plays out. I did something kind of mean to one of the secondary characters from the series. Making things right with him seemed like the least I should do.

What made you realize that writing was it for you? Do you write full time?

I am lucky enough to be writing full time and I love it. My imagination has always been overly active, and writing seemed like the best possible way for me to channel the stories that play out in my head. I was also highly influenced by my mother, who was always at the typewriter pecking out story after story my whole life. I got her love of writing combined with a huge love of Happily Ever Afters, so becoming a romance writer just seemed like the natural thing to do.

If someone hasn't read any of your work, what book would you recommend that they start with and why?

Ink Lust. I love, love, love every book I write, but that story is my heart. When I wrote it I was writing about subjects I was familiar with (tattoos, tattoo artists, body piercing) in a way that was outside of my comfort zone. And I fell in love with Jamie and Leni so hard that it felt as if I’d been through an amicable but really sad breakup when I wrote The End.

Where do you dream of traveling to and why?

I haven’t been out of Ohio much and would love to buy an RV and see a lot more of my country some day. I would head down through the Southern states, cross through the Southwest and then travel all the way up and back down the West Coast. I would also love to see the UK and the Valley of the Kings in Egypt. Although it might be more interesting to travel to the museums that have most of the treasures excavated from the pharaohs’ tombs.

Where are your fans most likely to find you hanging out?

At Panera with my writer friends, drinking coffee and eating an asiago bagel and laughing my butt off. We get together on Saturday mornings to chat about writerly things, and then we all work for however long everyone can stay. I don’t make it there nearly as much as I would like, but the times I am able to make it are vital to my success as a writer. The support we give each other is invaluable.

About the Author:

When Jayne Kingston was growing up she spent many hours daydreaming about a time when she could flee the too-small town in Ohio where she grew up and run laughing for the sunny West Coast. Of course she stuck around and raised her family in that small town instead, and doesn’t regret it for a moment. Now she spends her days dreaming about the delicious fun two people can have while falling in love.

Find Me Here Links:

Key Party
Book 1


After five years of living abroad, Rachel has returned to Chicago. As a welcome-home present, one of her best friends throws a ‘70s-style key party. A night of mingling and anonymous sex with one of Petra’s hunky friends seems perfect.

Petra knows about the crush Rachel had on Ben in college, and she rigs the game so Rachel ends up with the very fine young doctor. But Petra doesn’t know the whole story. Rachel never told her friend about the scorching-hot make-out session that is now Rachel’s go-to sexual fantasy.

And neither of them could know Ben is more than looking forward to showing Rachel every carnal moment she missed when she left without finishing what they’d started that night.

Buy Link:

Cupid’s Choice
Book 2


Bree knows she’s next on her friend Petra’s list of so-called accidental setups, but when Cooper washes up on her doorstep during a vicious thunderstorm, he’s the last man she is expecting. Despite her long-standing grudge against the hunky doctor, she can’t deny the sight of him soaked to the skin and looking sexy as hell is making it hard for her to turn him away.

Mother Nature forces them to seek shelter from the storm together. With her most debilitating fear exposed, Bree finds herself in Cooper’s arms, setting off a moving chain of events that ignites white-hot passion more all-consuming than either of them has known. A passion that is fragile due to the secret hiding in their history.

Buy Links:

Luck of the Draw
Book 3


Turnabout is fair play. Or maybe karma is a bitch is more fitting.
Wanting to repay the favor she did for them, Petra’s friends throw her a key party to help her move on from a months-old heartbreak. While she is not interested in falling in love again, getting her stunted sex life back on track doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

Except someone sabotages the key drawing before she gets her turn. Instead of spending the night with the ultra-hot doc her friends intended to “accidentally” set her up with, she winds up drawing her good friend Alex’s keys instead.

A night with Alex is coveted among players. Petra quickly finds out the reality of Alex far exceeds his legendary reputation. The moment they kiss they discover a chemistry so combustible it’s positively nuclear. Instantly engulfed in a red-hot haze of passion, neither of them sees it coming when Petra’s ex returns, repentant and threatening to ruin their newfound happiness.

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