Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Review: Mounted Release by Amy Ruttan

Gordon Thomas isn’t just an ordinary constable of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, he’s also a bit of a bear—literally. He’s been on his own for so long he’s shocked when he discovers another Mukswa in his territory, and a female at that. The woman brings out the true beast in him, one which he's been controlling for far too long.

Sheridan Stevens is on the run. When she crashes on an isolated road, her savior is the only male of her kind within one hundred kilometres. He’s kind, gorgeous and stirs her desire to a burning crescendo.

A snowstorm causes them to seek shelter. As the mercury drops outside, the temperature inside is rising. Neither Gordon nor Sheridan can contain the primal lust singing in their blood. But even as their passion burns brighter than the northern lights, Sheridan’s predator stalks them…ready to make his kill.

My Review:

I adore bear shifters and Ms. Ruttan did not disappoint with Gordan Thomas even if he suppresses the bear side. Sheridan definitely brings out his bear in all the best ways.

I enjoyed the way that Gordan and Sheridan couldn’t keep their hands off each other and the way Gordan couldn’t help but defend her with every fiber of his being. These two together are very sexy and their chemistry just screams off the page. Having read the book that follows this one first, I already knew the outcome of certain parts, but I enjoyed reading all about how Gordan and Sheridan fell for each other.

I highly recommend this story and the next in the series. Ms. Ruttan has easily become a favorite author with her ability to bring unique, sexy and interesting worlds to life.

5 Books

I purchased my copy and was not compensated for my review. 

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