Thursday, October 10, 2013

Review: Sunset Heat by C.R. Moss


Can one night transform a woman's life?

Seana Tramonto feels doomed when it comes to relationships. When she’s set up through the 1Night Stand service, she’s apprehensive at best. Her concern turns to ire when her match turns out to be a man who broke her heart years ago. Old wounds are slow to heal no matter how sexy the man asking for forgiveness.

Zachary Russo, a Las Vegas policeman, is talked into doing a 1NS date. When he learns it’s with his high school tutor and friend, the girl he stood up before the Homecoming dance, he’s determined to make it up to her. But seeing her again opens his eyes to the sexy woman she’s become. Can he prove he’s grown up or will circumstance beyond his control kill their second chance?

My Review:

Set simultaneously with Sunset Temptations also by C.R. Moss, Sunset Heat is a great example of a 1NS story from Decadent Publishing. These two instead of being brand new to each other have a past, and it’s not exactly a great past. Seana has her reasons for not wanting Zach to be the date that shows up and he really wants to make up for his past behavior.

I really liked this story, it did leave some of the things happening out, which makes sense since Seana didn’t know what was going on, but I did having read the previous book. I don’t think you need to read the previous book but I did like having a better idea of what was happening. The chemistry was definitely off the charts and I liked the way the replayed a scene from the past but made it much sexier.

Overall, it’s a good 1NS story, it’s short, sweet, hot and gets right down to the point, and shows the power of Madame Eve and meddling cousins in helping characters find the true love they deserve.

4 Books

I received a copy in exchange for my honest review. I was not compensated for my review.

About the Author:

An eccentric and eclectic writer, C.R. Moss pens stories for the mainstream and erotic romance markets, giving readers Worlds of Possibilities.

Enjoy the following excerpt for Sunset Heat:

“I had it bad for you.”

“So, what’s your wish now?”

If she leaned toward him, turned just enough, maybe he’d kiss her. Did she have the nerve? What would he think of her advance?


She closed her eyes, relishing the silky way he spoke her name. “Hmm?”

“Your wish. You’re going to enter the drawing the charity is having, right?”

“I can’t say or it won’t come true,” she murmured. Just move your face toward his. Do it! Though her inner diva cheered her on, she couldn’t.

“A superstition for shooting stars and birthday candles.”

“So? I don’t want to take chances.” Yes you do, her inner cheerleader chided.

He brushed his cheek against hers. Warm breath caressed her ear. Restless throbs of desire pulsed in her veins. Sexual excitement curled in her womb. It’d been quite some time since feeling those particular sensations. Who’d I do it with last? Oh, the guy in the off-Broadway showing of West Side Story. Antonio something or other. She’d almost told him she loved him, but his ex-girlfriend came back into the picture, which snipped her out of it.

Could Zach be her one? Even after all this time and despite their difficulties? Back when she’d helped him in high school, she’d wanted him and would have given him her all. She didn’t feel any different now. Turning her face toward his finally, she prepared for the first of what she hoped would be many kisses. None came. He wasn’t as close as she thought. Seana stared into his eyes, becoming lost in their depths.


“Yes?” She breathed in his spicy, clean scent, wanting to nibble on the muscle stretching from his neck into the top of his white dress shirt.

“Tell me more about the tutoring room.”

“Why? Interested in playing out my fantasy?”

Zach rubbed her knee. His touch seared her skin under her black sequined dress. “But we’re not in a school. There are no classrooms to use.”

The scenario she’d envisioned as a young adult awaited her next move. If there’s ever a time to be bold and spontaneous, it’s now. Quit stalling and take the leap. Feeling naughty and way too frisky to miss the opportunity, she drew circles on his leg with her fingertip. “We can improvise by going up to your room or mine and pretending we’re in a classroom.”

Seconds clicked by. Zach didn’t say a word. Wasn’t he interested? Her palms became clammy. I can’t be rejected again.

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