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Spotlight/Giveaway: The Bucket List: Caught by Annie Oakfield

The Bucket List: Caught (The Bucket List #2)
by Annie Oakfield
Contemporary Erotic Romance
Categories: Interracial/Multicultural
Publisher: Steam eReads
Release Date: August 15, 2013
Heat Level: Sizzling
Word Count: 16,000

Available at:


Once again Amber is up to mischief, luring her BFF and sometimes lover, Lucy, to the bedroom section of a department store just as the store is closing. Shy Lucy has no inkling of what lies in store (pun intended) as Amber convinces her that it’s quite all right to have a quiet kiss and a cuddle in the biggest, softest bed. No one is around to stop them…

Warning: This title is intended for readers over the age of 18 as it contains explicit sex scenes and/or situations (including light bondage, all forms of menage and multiple lesbian partners) and adult language, and may be considered offensive to some readers.


I cursed the evening traffic as the taxi crawled through the crowded streets. For about the fourth time in a minute, I checked the time, then hissed out a long, exasperated breath.

“The time ain’t gonna go any faster, lady,” the driver said over his shoulder. I could see his heavily-browed eyes watching me in the rear-view mirror.

“How much further?” I snapped, then immediately wanted to apologise for my impatience..

“’Bout two blocks,” he said. “But it’s gonna be closed by the time we get there!” He waved a beefy hand at the dense traffic, which quite clearly had no sympathy for my rising panic. Why the hell had Amber wanted me to meet her at that particular store on a Friday of all nights? She must have known that I’d have almost no chance of crossing town when everyone else was heading home to their families. Couldn’t it have waited until a quieter evening?

“The store you want is on this side, lady.” He swivelled in his seat and I shivered as his gaze raked my body. I pulled at the hem of my dark office skirt, but it refused to reach my knees. I glanced down to make sure that my boobs weren’t peeping out from between the buttons on my blouse.

“You look like you could make it in the next - ,” he glanced at the glowing red meter. “ – ten minutes. If you run.”

Oh. I realised that he hadn’t been eyeing me up – rather he’d been gauging my fitness. At least, that’s what I told myself. Anyway, he was probably right. I would be quicker walking. This traffic was going nowhere. I tossed him a ten and scrambled out of the cab.

“Besta luck, lady!” he called after me as I began to power-walk my office heels past the lethargic vehicles. Amber was going to pay for this, I decided. She’d better have a damn good reason for putting me through this, BFF or not.

By the time I reached the store, having had to negotiate two cross-walks, the ‘closed’ sign was glowing on the huge glass doors. Furious, I slammed my palms against the door - and was stunned to see it swing open.

Closed, but not locked. Weird. Cautiously, I stepped inside, deciding that there must still be customers inside and that the staff hadn’t chased them all out yet. I hoped that they wouldn’t shoo me out the moment they saw me and wondered how sympathetic they’d be towards me. If I bumped into any male members of staff, I could always flash a bit of leg or cleavage and hope for the best. But a female member of staff? Well, sometimes the cleavage trick worked with them too…

Where the hell is Amber? I brushed blonde locks from my perspiring forehead and pulled the cell phone from my purse. The text message was still on the screen;

“Meet me in Wayfield’s Department Store. First floor.” I sighed and headed for the elevator. I was already hot enough and if I had to climb a flight of stairs I’d be sweating like a racehorse.

Or a complete slut. I smiled at the memory. Last summer, that vicious heat wave had peaked on the same night that Amber and I had attended a particularly vigorous swinger’s party. We’d gone as a female-female couple, but no-one had objected. Two more willing bodies had been very welcome. However, the air con system had completely failed to compensate for the thirteen naked bodies and the hosts had been forced to pass out towels and bottled water to prevent any fainters. The sweat had gushed from me, not to mention other bodily fluids and a very sticky Amber and I had staggered out to her sedan sans underwear at one o’clock in the morning, our lusts thoroughly sated.

The elevator ushered me up to the next floor in moments, disgorging me onto a wide mezzanine floor that was filled with beds – every shape and size of bed that would grace a family home. I stared.

Why would she want me to look at beds? We had no need for a bed. Amber and I had the full use of a large house whose owners were abroad for most of the year. As house sitters, we had no need to decorate or refurnish. In fact, I think the owners would have been rather upset if we’d changed the d├ęcor in any way at all.

Which made Amber’s motives even more puzzling.

And then I saw her. As always, the sight of her made the breath catch in my throat. Also dressed for office work, she work a tight black skirt, topped with a neatly-cut black jacket, fastened with a single button. Beneath it she wore a contrasting white blouse. Her raven-black hair framed her smiling face and her eyes sparkled mischievously as she caught sight of me. She scampered towards me on her stilettoes, never missing a step on the plush store carpet. I would have fallen flat on my face if I’d tried to run in my heels on that carpet.

“Hey, honey,” she grinned, exposing gleaming teeth. “You made it!”

“No thanks to the traffic,” I said. “If I hadn’t..” My words were stifled as Amber planted a firm kiss on my lips, effectively silencing me. Her arms snaked around my neck, pulling me against her. She smelled amazing, even after a full day in her office. I wished that I smelled a tenth as good as she did, but I was still hot after my race against closing time. Her lips parted slightly and I stiffened. Was she going to demand a full-on kiss? In the store? But I needn’t have worried. She was only smiling. Amber released me and then dropped her hands into mine, which were slightly sweaty. But she didn’t seem to notice.

“Come and see what I found,” she growled happily, backing up and pulling me with her.

“Amber, what..?”

“Nope!” she barked. “No questions! Not allowed!” She grinned at my rising eyebrows. Her voice softened. “Just indulge me, honey,” she said, then threw me a small pout. “Or don’t you trust me?”

“Course I trust you, Amber,” I said. The truth was, I never knew what she was up to.

About the Author:

Annie Oakfield is a keen writer and has been penning naughty stories since she hit puberty – and she hit it hard.

Back then, most of her stories were simply erotic fantasies that she shared with only a few close, virginal friends. But with time, many men, several orgies and a number of obliging couples, Annie now writes stories that closely mirror her real-life erotic experiences.

The Bucket List was inspired by an actual list that she and three girlfriends composed one late and wine-soaked evening.

Annie considers herself to be omnisexual (anyone, anyplace) but she is often tickled by the phrase: ‘Bisexuals are just greedy people.’

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