Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Review: Raising Kane by Heather Long

My Review:

Raising Kane is the fifth book in the Fevered Hearts series. It has to be the longest of the books yet it felt much too short, since I could gladly wallow in the world she’s created for days. I adored the way Ms. Long let us check in on past characters and does so in a way that it’s clearly defined who we’re currently checking in with.

William “Kid” Kane has been a favorite of mine from the beginning, he’s so troubled and it was very cathartic to finally get to his turn. I enjoyed watching him come into his own and the way he is with Evelyn just cemented him as a favorite. They are both great characters and very clearly meant for each other.

The Fevered Hearts world is so rich and built beautifully that I easily fell into the world with the descriptions, in between life’s distractions. It was nice to step into a world where the pace is slower and reconnect with characters I’ve loved in the past, and get hints of characters who still need their story told.

I so highly recommend this series and Raising Kane, that I wish I had the ability to gift them to everyone. I believe that fans of both historical and paranormal romance will find a home in this captivating series by Heather Long. 

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I bought a copy of this book with my own money. I was not compensated for my review. 

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