Thursday, June 4, 2015

Riding the Storm by @CandaceBlevins #Review #PNR #4.5stars

Book Two of The Chattanooga Supernaturals.

As the vampires begin to realize bagged blood isn’t giving them what they need, Kendra goes in search of a human companion. She’s been a Domme for the past thousand years, and has never had trouble finding human men who want to submit to her.

Eric is a human adrenaline junkie who spends his time hang gliding and jumping out of perfectly good airplanes when he isn’t creating video games. And he smells of sunshine and blue skies — addictive to a vampire who’s seen neither for nearly three thousand years.

Unfortunately, he’s a Dom. But he’s so full of life, and he gives her adventures when she’d forgotten how to live with joy.

As the two navigate their compatibility in bed, Eric must figure out whether he can handle living in Kendra’s world, and the vampires have to figure out whether they can deal with their third in command submitting to a human they feel is so far beneath them on the evolutionary ladder.

While Kendra and Eric work through their personal challenges, they must also fight a group of powerful supernaturals planning to enslave Eric in an effort to exploit his skills and further their own agenda.

Can Kendra and Eric battle all of this to find happiness?

Warnings: This title contains consensual BDSM (M/f and F/m), bondage, mild discipline, use of toys including anal plugs, penis plugs, cuffs, floggers, and canes. Also, the bad guys are subjected to torture and extreme violence.

Dom and a Domme, a human and a vampire, the odds aren’t in their favor but they are determined to see where this relationship can go. Ms. Blevins is an author I can count on to write characters that are real, even vampires, because she makes their motives and their emotions so real to me.

Kendra is growing bored with her existence, after all she’s been around a long time. She meets Eric, a human that knows how to make every moment count.

I admit in the beginning these two get hooked up over some pretty minor and at the time unimportant things, especially when you compare to their future problems. At the beginning I wanted to smack some sense into both of them.

I also urge everyone to take the warning seriously. Ms. Blevins doesn’t write vanilla BDSM, she writes extremely sexy and hot and heavy BDSM. Pain is definitely something that happens.

Also, the bad guys seriously get tortured, but they had it coming and I loved how it allowed me to really see Kendra for who she is. In fact, it made me fall in love with her character more.

I definitely highly recommend this book. It’s not a light and fluffy read, but it’s worth every second spent reading. 

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