Friday, May 29, 2015

COVER REVEAL: The Duke and the Domina by @JennLeBlanc #Warrick #menincorsets #coverreveal #StudioSmexy #illustratedromance

I'm so thrilled to be here, sharing something very special with you—my new cover.

But first, here’s a little background.

Some of you may know that my first two novels were illustrated with photographs. Some of you may have discovered my books through the new editions, sans images.
Then some of you have no idea who I am and that's exciting for me.
Welcome to my chaos!

A little about me. I was born a photographer, at least that's what I always believed. As it happens, I was actually born a storyteller and it manifested first in imagery, and later with words. Of course I would eventually find a way to combine these two things—the Illustrated Romance.

So that's how it began, my first novel was published in 2011 after a year of shooting and learning and doing. It was incredible and so very warmly received by my readers, I was truly overwhelmed.

This year I decided to try to reach a new audience, those who may not be interested in the images at all. So in April I repackaged and republished the first two books: The Rake and The Recluse, and The Duke and The Baron, without the imagery, and released them. It's been a wild ride, and very exciting reaching an all new group of readers.

My third novel, The Duke and The Domina, released on May 4th in this format as well. But today, I’m here to share the latest cover with you, I've kept it under wraps for a while now and I've been incredibly antsy to share it. FINALLY. FINALLY.

Here it is, the illustrated version of The Duke and The Domina. You guys, this book is just... so very much.

It all started one night on twitter one year ago. We were chatting about marriage of convenience, and other fun tropes and how to twist them when  the ever-lovely Tiffany Reisz wrote a poem that goes a little something like this:

He’s poor. She’s rich.
He’s a sub. She’s a switch.
It’s not love.
It’s a marriage of kink-venience.

Add a blood eagle ceremony, a super hot image of a dude in a corset, a gorgeous ribcage shower in Portland and shake it all up: and Warrick was born.

The illustrated version will be released June 8th exclusively with iBooks, and June 22nd everywhere else.

I want to explain my reason for this. Amazon charges download fees, and on my illustrated books, they are STEEP. So I can't discount them or price them more reasonably. This particular novel has quite a large file. It's a bit scary. SO I talked to iBooks and we are releasing there exclusively in the beginning so I can offer it at a special reduced price. I know I have a lot of Kindle readers, and I would love for you to be able to get the book however you want at a reasonable price, but unfortunately, this is how Amazon works. Once the book is up on Amazon I won't be able to discount it anywhere, because they'll price match and I won't make any money, and if I ever want to shoot another illustrated romance... I need to make some money.

So that's the deal. I know there are ways to side load files to Kindles. I HOPE you're able to figure that out. (I have an iPad so I have no idea)

I hope you check it out, illustrated or not, then come find me and let me know what you think.



Lovers of Bookends like me, you NEED to read this book. I reviewed it here. I absolutely adored it without the illustrations and I know I'm going to fall completely in love with the illustrated version. In fact, it got one of my coveted BEST BOOK ratings, or at least they're coveted and rarely given out by me.  

If you want to read the non - illustrated book right this second. You can find the links on Jenn's website.

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