Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Back in Time by Virginia Nelson #Review @virg_nelson @FatedDesires

Lady Daffodil Davola grew up traveling Ren Faires with her family. She’s not ashamed of living life off the grid, content with her world and the bawdy band of misfits and wanderers who share it with her. She doesn’t seek the approval of the outside world…not even from the one man who ever made her want something more.

Gregory Wilder grew up in a family obsessed with politics, determined to become movers and shakers. He remembers a fluke visit to a medieval faire and the girl he met once upon a time. After a messy divorce, he’s determined to find her and see what if…

Assigned to play King and Queen, they have to work together for Knight’s week, like it or not, because Daffy’s father insists. Can they make it through a week without killing each other, or will they end up Falling Back In Time?

A fascinating quick read from an author I’ve come to love for her wit, and characters that are true to life. This one didn’t disappoint, it had the feeling of what it would be like to run away to a simpler life, and to find love while there.

Daffodil “Daffy” Davola, has never lived what most would call a normal life, and I think it makes her a seriously interesting character, she has every right to hate Gregory Wilder, yet she just can’t help but fall back in love with him.

Gregory is a charmer, I love that he went out and lived a normal life but found himself pulled back to Daffy and her simpler faire life.

This is a quick read, but it packs as much of a punch as a much longer story. Ms. Nelson packed in lots of romance and a good bit of humor in a short time, and I really enjoyed the story. I highly recommend it to fans of second chance romance. 

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