Monday, March 9, 2015

At The Viking's Command by Anne Marsh - #Review

Tyra didn’t ask to be turned into a werewolf. She also didn't want to fall in love with a Berserker.

All she wants is to get on with her life. But a prophecy foretells that the werewolves will bring about the end of the world, so now the entire paranormal world is gunning for her new Pack.

A mercenary and soldier of fortune, Calder clawed his way to the top of the modern Viking world and he’ll defend his brothers-in-arms to the last breath. But nothing prepared him for his reaction to the newly turned werewolf who shows up and demands his help.

There’s no denying the intense sexual chemistry between them--a bond forged before they faced this danger--and soon the lines between duty and pleasure blur. But if Tyra wants to keep her Viking, first she’ll have to learn the sweet pleasures of submission…

Vikings, werewolves and a forbidden love, sign me up. This book was fantastic, I’ve loved Anne Marsh before with her contemporaries, but her paranormal is now my new favorite. I adore Viking and werewolves and Calder is a very sexy Alpha male. I easily wanted to trade places with Tyra, and I enjoyed the way she confuses Calder, since by rights he should kill her kind on sight.

Tyra is a strong heroine, even if she starts off as this weaker scared female, she easily and quickly shows that she has the right amount of backbone to be the mate of such a strong male. I definitely loved her by the end.

It’s a shorter story, and I really hope there is more in this world. I have not had my fill of these sexy Vikings and I will definitely be back to more, to see what else Ms. Marsh has in store for this world. 


  1. Checking it on GR, I noticed it it a book #2... and I've got book #1, yay ! I'm moving it up my to-read list, thanks for the review :)

  2. Oh I have liked a handful of hers. I read her contmps first I think and really had a good time.