Friday, August 15, 2014

Touched by Midas by Brenna Zinn - Review

As a Navy SEAL, Michael “Midas” Baudine trains countless hours to prepare for combat. But a man can’t train for luck, so preserving his “Midas touch” good fortune is something he takes seriously, and he'll go to extreme measures to get his team on-board with his pre-mission, luck-assuring routines. He accepts a challenge from his team—get the sexy but uptight teacher, who blocks his advances at every turn, to the rock concert a week from today, and they’ll comply. With a crazy rock star dad and top supermodel mom, Angie Summers was once a wild child but, wanting more out of life, has done her best to live under the radar of fame. She’s even assumed a secret identity and found a job teaching at Naval Station Rota, Spain. Her attempt at a “normal” life is quickly turned on its ear when a hot-as-hell Navy SEAL sweet talks her into a date she’ll never forget and may eventually regret. While spending time with the muscle-bound sailor unleashes Angie’s need to let the wild child out to play, which could threaten her anonymity, Midas finds himself on the precipice of breaking the first rule of luck—never fall for a woman.

As a superstitious person myself, I really related to Michael “Midas” Baudine, he is my kind of hero. I loved the idea of the bet, because those never go according to plan, and throw in a hero who doesn’t want to fall in love and a family that makes it impossible for Angie not to love Midas, and it was a wild ride.

While a shorter story, it has a lot of depth and heart to it. There are some real emotions dealt with, and I appreciated the way Ms. Zinn advanced the story instead of getting bogged down with a bunch a words to describe their whirlwind week together, she kept it short and sweet, and I appreciate that. It worked for the story, we don’t have to see every aspect of the characters’ lives to know that they are both falling head over heels for each other.

Midas doesn’t want love, and Angie is afraid to trust, but of course that doesn’t mean they don’t fall in love, and the sexy way that Midas is portrayed makes me want to go out and find my own SEAL to love.

I definitely recommend this to fans of military romance that enjoy a story that is both extremely sexy but still holds onto that sweet romance appeal. 

I received a copy for the purpose of review. I was not compensated for my review. I also purchased my own copy because I enjoyed this book. 

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  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful review! I simply love military men. Guess that's why I married one :)