Saturday, August 30, 2014

Taming the Lion by Vivi Andrews - ARC Review

When she’s in heat, there’s no cooling down…

Lone Pine Pride, Book 2

Wilderness guide and cougar-shifter Patricia “Patch” Fontaine has known the dangers of lone-shifter life since she was ten, when her parents mysteriously vanished. All grown up now, she thrives on her hard-won independence.

When rumors of a new rash of shifter abductions crop up, she’s forced to come home to the Lone Pine Pride for protection—right as the man she’s always secretly wanted is about to marry her best friend. And right as she’s going into heat.

Roman Jaeger values his role as Alpha heir apparent, but he isn’t thrilled about his arranged marriage to the Alpha’s daughter—especially when his bride is just as nonplussed as he is—but he’ll do his duty for the pride. Seeing Patch again challenges his noblest intentions. The wildness in her sets him on fire, and he can’t resist the chance for one last fling.

Both know a future together is impossible. But when chemistry and sowing wild oats grows into a need deeper than lust, their bond could threaten the very heart of the pride they both love.

Warning: This book contains a strong sexy Alpha-to-be, an independent cougar-shifter who knows her way around a lion’s heart, secret affairs, arranged marriages, politics, passion, and a pride full of lions and tigers and bears. Oh my

Pre-Order Today! Releases September 30th. 

Patricia “Patch” Fontaine enjoys life as a lone cougar shifter. She’s going in to heat and just wants to hide out in her cabin and ride it out. She shouldn’t be lusting after Roman Jaeger, the next lion shifter in line for the Alpha position. The position comes with an arranged marriage to Patch’s best friend and the current Alpha’s daughter.

Roman doesn’t want his arranged marriage and neither Patch nor Roman find themselves able to resist the attraction. The sex is off the charts volcanic between these two, when they give in to their intense attraction.

I rooted for Roman and Patch to end up together. I really liked the twists and turns in this story and I will definitely check out more from this author in the future. 

I received a copy for the purpose of review. I was not compensated for my review.

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