Thursday, April 3, 2014

Vixen's Run by Zenina Master - Review

Tiff doesn’t want a mate, she wants to hide in the woods, but a peacock in need appeals to her and she agrees to help him regain something lost.

Tiffany has lived with a traumatic past and a family that puts her squarely in charge. She is ordered to the Crossroads and decides that if she has to leave home, she will have a holiday. Alone in the forest, she spends her time running in her fox form and enjoying the wilderness.

She sees a peacock in horrible shape. His feathers are dull and his shoulders are stooped. Tiff sees the trauma in him that matches her own, and she offers to help him get part of himself back.

Davus was one of the harvested shifters being held by the lions. He was healed in body but the pain of a year in a cage went far beyond skin deep. Tiffany sees his pain and doesn’t dismiss it or pity him. She offers to help him regain the mind-body connection, and he takes her up on it.

Tiff doesn’t want a mate, but she’s forced to the Crossroads, since she’s the eldest and no one else can mate until she does. So she’s planning on just hanging out in the Crossroads so she can say she tried. Then she sees a peacock, with dull feathers, and she’s determined to help him. They quickly fall for each other.

The Crossroads books are quick, fun to read and always entertaining. I know matter what when I pick them up, that I’ll be transported and entertained for a short while. I really liked the way Tiff liked to help people, and enjoyed seeing Davus come back into his own. It was interesting to see one of the harvested shifters find love.

I received a copy in exchange for my honest review. I was not compensated for my review. 

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