Monday, March 31, 2014

Sweetest Surrender by Katie Reus - Review

A woman on the run…

Angel has been on her own for two years, moving from place to place to outrun her past. With no family and few friends to lean on, she’s managed to keep her secrets and stay safe. But when her past suddenly catches up to her, she has a choice to make. Run or stay and claim her life once more.

He’ll stop at nothing to protect her…

Vadim has never let anyone close to him—until Angel. From the first time he met her, everything changed. As a private consultant for Wyatt Christiansen, he’s good with computers and he’s got connections to unearth people’s deepest, darkest secrets. When Angel’s life is threatened Vadim steps in and uses all his resources to end the threat once and for all. As the danger closes in, he lies to her in an effort to protect her, not realizing that even once the threat is eliminated, he might lose her anyway.

OMG…seriously Vadim is one of the sexiest heroes I’ve read in awhile. Yeah, he does some things to protect Angel that made me want to smack him for being a dumb male, but I really loved him for caring so much.

Angel has a seriously scary past, and I loved that she falls in love with Vadim, even though she’s afraid of him being hurt by her past.

Ms. Reus has a serious knack for building up the suspense until the reader needs to scream to release the tension, and then somehow still manages to take the reader to higher level of suspense with some amazing twists. She’s a true mistress of her craft and this story just shows off her superb writing skills. Vadim and Angel are on a whirlwind roller coaster of romance with lots of sexy scenes to keep the spice that I’ve come to expect from her books.

I highly recommend this book, I think it’s a fabulous addition to the Serafina City series. I look forward to more stories in this series. It can definitely be read as a stand-alone but I do love and recommend the whole series.

 I received a copy in exchange for my honest opinion. I was not compensated for my review.