Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Danger Next Door by Katie Reus - Review

After an explosion leaves detective Grant Caldwell scarred he quits his job and tries to hide from his well-meaning family while he heals. When Belle Manikas, a beautiful new neighbor, moves in next door with problems of her own he finds himself drawn to her even while he tells himself she’s nothing but trouble. Even though he knows he’d never have a chance with a woman like her—not with his disfigurement—he can’t stay away.

Thanks to severe health problems as a child Belle grew up sheltered and smothered by her loving, if overbearing, family. Now that she’s finally out on her own she plans to wring everything she can out of life. When she sets her sights on her brooding neighbor nothing can stop her from getting him into bed—until a madman fixates on her.

With Grant now working for Red Stone Security, he sees it as his duty to protect her at all costs. Unfortunately a violent criminal is stalking Belle and will stop at nothing until he’s destroyed her.

Grant was hurt, he’s self-conscious and not sure where he wants to go with his life. Enter his sexy neighbor, Belle Manikas, she’s gorgeous and he’s sure she won’t like him because of his scars, but when she’s in trouble he has to help her. I liked Grant when I met him the first book in the series, he’s a seriously protective and sexy man.

My one issue is how easily Belle was on board with moving in with Grant so easily, I know she was in danger, but I guess I expected her to put up more of a fight about it. I did love the suspense in this plot and really felt for Belle, she finally moves out and then everything possible goes wrong.

Together Grant and Belle are perfect and I can honestly say that they’re a favorite couple of mine. They complement each other beautifully.  I definitely recommend this story.

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