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One Night of Surrender by Evie North - Review/Giveaway

One Night of Surrender
by Evie North

It’s his last night on earth…and his final wish will be her command.

The Brothers Mortmain, Book 1

Like his two brothers, Sir Gervais Hawley, son of the Earl of Mortmain, is reckless and wild. But now his days are numbered. Given up to the Bow Street Runners for robbing a coach, he has been sent to Newgate to hang.

Every man on death row is granted a final wish—if he has the money. Gervais has more money than most, and his final wish is for a taste of something sweeter than mere food. He wants Katherine, a woman falsely imprisoned. For one night in her arms, he will pay the debts that will set her free.

From the moment she saw Gervais in the corridors of Newgate, Katherine felt the spark of attraction. In exchange for her freedom, she agrees to his terms: one night in his bed, obey his every command.

Their passionate encounter is more than Katherine ever expected. And as the cock crow draws near, her body and heart crave more. But Gervais is headed for the gallows…unless fate intervenes.

An interesting premise, one night, one final wish and a night of passion. I enjoyed this story, it does start off a little slow but I still found it enjoyable. The characters are well defined and the historical aspects are well done.

Gervais and Katherine were interesting and I enjoyed the way Gervais seemed to want to help Katherine with some of her issues. It had a whole lot of spicy scenes dispersed throughout and I liked that while it was erotic and spicy it wasn’t just sex, there was quite a bit of story interspersed.

It’s an enjoyable read and I’ll definitely read Ms. North again.

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated for my review.

And now, in barely the time it had taken for a candle to burn down an inch, Gervais Hawley had shown her what her life could have been like if she’d chosen a different man. A man who cared for her. Who loved her. 
“Why did you ask for me?” The question spilled out of her.
He shrugged one shoulder. “I saw you. You are beautiful. Why not?”
Katherine wasn’t satisfied with the answer but she supposed she couldn’t expect anything more. What did she want? A vow of undying love from a man about to be hanged? She was being foolish.
Make the most of this night, a voice whispered in her head. Take what you can. Because who knows what tomorrow will bring for you?

Getting to his feet Gervais stretched his arms as far above his head as possible in the low ceilinged room, having to bow his body outwards to complete the movement. Katherine found herself admiring his lithe, powerful form with new eyes. This man, this body, would take her soon. He would be joined with her, giving her pleasure, and she realised with a sense of amazement at her own daring that she was impatient for it to be so.

Evie North is a writer of erotic historical romance. Once Evie goes into her writing zone, she vanishes into a world of medieval knights and regency rakes, and the ladies who tame them. Here happy endings are obligatory and the bedroom door is left firmly open.

One Night of Surrender is her first novella and is the first in a Regency trilogy about the Mortmain Brothers.

Evie will be awarding the entire set of five stories in the first series of Knights of Passion, her self published short stories, either from Amazon or Smashwords to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour. Follow the tour here.

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