Thursday, January 16, 2014

Lost Roar by Zenina Masters - Review

Robbed of her roar, Nicia doesn’t want a lion. She goes to the Crossroads and has a wolf follow her home. No red hood required.

Nicia was at the fundamental lion compound and rescued from a life as guard beast for her family.

Her mother’s family takes her in and helps her recover from the years of abuse.

Once she is recovered, she decides that it is time to seek out a mate, provided she could change her mind and come home if needed. With that agreement in place, she heads to the Crossroads.

Braxton has been watching for a mate, and while several women came close, it was the sombre lioness asking for directions that caught his attention. He wanted to make her smile, and when that became his primary pleasure, he knew he was in deep.

Nicia has lived a harsh life, and knows she wants a mate but not a lion. Her grandparetns send her to the Crossroads to find a mate. She finds Braxton and things start off a bit rocky but when he brings her fully into his world and gives her purpose, they hit it off.

This story delves into more than just what happens in the Crossroads, it shows the real structure of the shifter world. I enjoyed getting to see more of how this interesting world works.

Braxton and Nicia are definitely meant for each other. I enjoyed their banter and time together, they will be a strong couple long into the future and their chemistry is definitely off the chart.

I enjoyed watching Nicia heal and grow into the strong capable lioness and she’s meant to be. Braxton is a great hero because he does everything he can to support her and healing and growth.

I recommend this story to fans of shifter romances with a strong heroine.

I received a copy in exchange for my honest review. I was not compensated for my review. 

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