Tuesday, December 24, 2013

First Kiss by Ann Mayburn - Review

Ryan Darwish will never forget the night his senior year of high school when he kissed a very drunk Emma Simonov and lost his heart to her forever. Six years later Ryan finds Emma again, but she’s a different woman than the bossy and joyful girl he used to know. Emma is now a pro-Domme and she makes her living by dominating a very select clientele of submissives at the Kiss of Blue dungeon.

When Emma graduated from college with her teaching degree three years ago she had no idea how hard it would be to find work as a teacher at a decent school. To make matters worse elderly parents both lost their jobs and their pensions in one fell swoop. Out of options, Emma had no choice but to turn her passion into her profession and go pro-Domme. She loves her work, enjoys her clients, but cannot allow herself to fall in love. Monogamous by, nature she knows that if her heart belongs to a man she’ll no longer be able to pro-Domme and without a good paying job her parents will soon be homeless. When Ryan appears in her life she finds herself tempted by the one thing she cannot have- the man of her dreams.

Ryan will do anything to make Emma see that he is the man for her including being everything that she ever wanted in a submissive, but when he begins their relationship with a lie he may never win another night with his reluctant Dominatrix.

Ryan has loved Emma since the first time he kissed her. When he finds out she’s a pro-Domme, he tells a little lie just to make sure he can have a chance with her. I really loved the way Ms. Mayburn draws from the idea of 1001 nights and ties it all together.

I understand why Emma is fighting her attraction to Ryan, she wants to be able to keep being a Pro-Domme and her attraction for Ryan will jeopardize that since at her heart she’s a one sub woman.

This is a serial and Ms. Mayburn does a good job ending it in such a way that yes, it’s not complete but it’s also not a cliffhanger that made me want to throw it across the room. It ends in a good spot and I really felt like it was an enjoyable read and look forward to the next one. It’s hot, sexy and the right amount of tension to keep me begging for more. I highly recommend this story. 

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  1. Oh that's good to hear. I have such a problem with serials because they usually end like mid sentence. Glad she wrapped it up enough to make it work for ya!