Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Goose by Zenina Masters - Review

A goose escapes from her family and seeks out a mate then changes her mind and tries to back out of the Crossroads. He has other ideas.

Tyla is a golden goose, creature of myth and legend. She gets a card in the mail and calls a transporter to get her out of her gilded cage and to the Crossroads.

Tyla has no experience with men, strangers, bright lights or loud noises. She is completely overwhelmed, and once she meets a man who is willing to make her dream of a mate come true, she comes down with a case of cold feet.

Arkenon enjoys traveling the world as one of the premier shifter tattoo artists. When he meets Tyla over a casual dinner, he is smitten with her shy looks but straightforward attitude. He enrolls at the Crossroads and pursues the woman he wants as a mate. He just has to work on defining his motives.

Tyla is a golden goose, and has never been allowed to live a normal life. Her family is afraid of losing the one who makes their lives so comfortable with her ability to make money.

I really liked Tyla, it was fun seeing the world through the eyes of someone who had never really experienced it before. Arkenon is the perfect mate for her because he enjoys her introducing her to new things and gives her the gift of what family should be like.

I really enjoyed this Christmas story, it was heartwarming, sweet with a healthy dose of sexy thrown in. I really felt like I was experiencing Christmas right along with their family. I highly recommend this for some light hearted and heartwarming reading. 

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