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Review: Wolf with Benefits by Shelly Laurenston


Ricky Lee has no plans of getting serious about anyone, but he will protect Toni Jean-Louis Parker. Not just because he’s been hired to do so, but because it’s the right thing to do. And if that means traveling around the country with one complicated She-jackal, dealing with chocolate-eating wild dogs, instigating trouble between his brothers, and having the most amazing sex he’s ever had…well, who said his job didn’t have perks?

Toni doesn’t know how she keeps getting herself into these situations. But even she has to admit there’s something about Ricky Lee Reed that she finds kind of interesting…and downright sexy. Now they just have to survive long enough to figure out if what they have is worth fighting for…

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My Review:

From the very first page, this book had me giggling and then laughing out loud.  I haven’t read something so funny in a while. Ms. Laurenston knows how to write a steamy love story that also makes me laugh out loud.

Toni Jean-Louis Parker has her hands full dealing with all of her many siblings and their demanding personalities. She’s a jackal shifter and family is the most important thing to them.  I love Toni, and I understand Toni. She’s overworked and it’s a job she can’t escape since she lives with them.

Ricky Lee is a laid back go with the flow wolf shifter, and has no desire to settle down. That is until he starts following around Toni, the She-Jackal who brings entertainment with her in the form of her wild siblings. I like Ricky Lee, have since we were introduced to him earlier in the series, the way he interacts with his siblings and pack and just kind of sits back and watches makes me smile.

When these do finally get together, they burn up the pages and sheets and it’s a wild ride. I was rooting for them to find time alone and to make it work. Toni wasn’t sure she could ask anyone to plunge into the middle of her crazy family but Ricky Lee doesn’t give her much of a choice.

The secondary characters in this book had me guessing and screaming she didn’t, but she did. She went there and it made me smile. The wild dogs are always a favorite of mine and they are back and just as fun as always.
I recommend this read for the laughter, the hot sex and the subplot that has you guessing up until the very end. This can be read by itself but honestly, I recommend the whole series and her other series. I don’t think there has been anything that she’s written that I haven’t loved.

Give Wolf with Benefits a try, I don’t think it will disappoint. 

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I received a copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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  1. OOh I loved this one too Sheri. It had e giggling the whole time too ;) And yeah Ricky Lee. I loved how laid back he was and his attitude of let the entertainment come to you. Such a great series. Glad you had a good time with it!

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