Friday, April 5, 2013

Review: Desire's Edge by Margie Church and K.B. Cutter

Desire's Edge 
by Margie Church and K.B. Cutter


An erotic, insightful novel about one of today's most controversial topics: polyamory.

Amy has a core need to occasionally be sexually dominant with her husband, and he's not getting the message. Her solution is very unconventional. She want hers best friend, Raine, a lifestyle Domme, to mentor him. 

Initially, Bryce thinks Amy's crazy.

Raine brings a new level of excitement and kink to the marriage. What they thought would be a temporary situation evolves into much more, especially when Amy and Bryce develop deeper feelings for Raine. Their newfound intimacy makes all three examine their views about love and sex outside marital boundaries, their sexual identities, and the definition of family. 

Embracing an inevitable destiny, the triad lives on the razor's edge of a happiness many will never know.

My Review:

I went into this book with an open mind; the idea of an established married couple bringing in a third was a new concept and I found myself wondering how the authors would handle it. I must say that in my opinion they wrote a beautiful, realistic love story.
There is an added element of Amy wanting to be dominant occasionally in her relationship and needing Raine to teach Bryce to let go. In fact I think this element is what lets this story come together beautifully. The love between Bryce and Amy is tangible, and I felt the easy way that Amy and Raine were best friends. I loved Raine for making the choice to help her friends even though I can only imagine the fear she had of the arrangement ending her long friendship with Amy or even wrecking Amy and Bryce’s marriage.

Bryce is the ultimate manly man; he is dominant without even actively trying. Amy and Bryce don’t practice BDSM; they are just a married couple with an active and volcanic sex life. Amy is good with his dominant sexual style, and I don’t think she is looking to dominate her husband constantly. I felt like she just wants to be able to take control occasionally so he can relax and just enjoy himself while letting go. The sex is sizzling hot. Chemistry is obviously not a problem for any of these characters, they have it in spades. Raine is a Domme, and watching Bryce’s struggle to let go and just give in to her and her wishes added a sexy dynamic to this story.

The inclusion of other characters that can possibly throw wrenches into this fledging triad in the future books just left me wanting to read the next books now. I want to see Amy, Raine and Bryce make it, but this isn’t a relationship that is just a cake walk, not if the authors want it to continue to be believable, and I have no doubt that Margie Church and KB Cutter will handle it well.

I recommend this book for the very real emotions, the hot sex, and the glimpse of a how a polyamory relationship can work. I’m looking forward to the next books in this series, and until then I’ll probably hit up both of these authors backlists. If they can make me invest emotionally in this book, I have a feeling I’ll enjoy their other works. 

5 Books!

I purchased this book for this review.


  1. Sheri, thank you very much for this thoughtful review. I'm sure KB will agree that convincing a reader that this scenario is plausible and wonderful were our goals. We hope you enjoy the second and third books in the series, and thank you for checking out our back lists. It's always wonderful to turn a friend into a fan.


  2. Indeed. I echo Margie's sentiment. Thank you for such an in depth review. We took great pains to make the story believable and resonate with a broad section of readers.