Tuesday, August 1, 2017

#NewRelease Bernie by Brianna West @bwest0426 #spotlight

Nyla, born and raised in the In-Between realm as the princess of the Spiritum Bellatorum, has been betrothed from birth and forced to conceal the true personality within in order to project herself as nothing but the perfect princess she was taught to be.

When her brother betrays their kind, Nyla acquires an unprecedented mission to find and convince him to come home. Teaming up with the Promiscus Guardians to locate her runaway brother in the mortal realm, Nyla is introduced to the resident comedian and self-proclaimed cowboy Guardian, Bernie.

He is everything she wishes she could be outwardly and she’s instantly intrigued by his happy, easy-going nature. But, like Nyla, Bernie is keeping a part of himself tightly locked away.

What will happen when their barriers start to come down? Will they be able to overcome so many obstacles laid out before them, or will their relationship be torn apart before they have a chance to find something deeper?

My breathing had shallowed and grown uneven as I quivered underneath his confident touch, unable to ignore what it meant to let him go further. My chest heaved again, my body visibly trembling as Bernie’s gaze held mine. He was seeking my permission to do more, and I couldn’t help that that simple kind act renewed my desire to give the Guardian whatever he asked of me.

Pulse thudding in my ears, I returned his stare with all the strength and confidence I could muster, never having felt so weak and helpless in my life. I wished desperately that he would let me remain silent. Because, if I was forced to speak right now, I was sure that my voice would betray the hard-fought command I usually carried. The emotion was so great that I might even be overcome by it and cry for the first time since my mother’s death. 

Bernie smiled affectionately, kissing me softly on the lips, as if he understood the unspoken consent in my eyes, and glided his hand beneath my lace panties. His fingers pressed lightly between my legs, touching me where I’d grown wet from his passionate kisses. A groan rumbled between us as Bernie’s fingers teased me, sliding over the wetness that had collected. I gasped sharply, hips jerking with surprise when pleasure flooded my lower half as my heart skipped over its hard, powerful beat. 

Bernie drew away, groaning once more, and then his fingers were grazing over the place where everything felt infinitely more pleasurable, making my body curve upwards when it was almost too much. 

“How’s a man supposed to keep it together when you’re this wet, darling? I’m barely holding it together here.”

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