Thursday, January 26, 2017

#Review Sin on a Stick by @JennaJacob3 #NewRelease @OnceUponAnAlpha

Title: Sin on a Stick
Author: Jenna Jacob
Series: Hotties of Haven
Rating: 5 Books
Blurb: When Jade Hollis loses her job, she tries to commit hari-kari tequila style. With her head pounding the next morning, it’s hardly the optimal time to discover her live-in lover is a lying cheat. Bruised and dejected, she packs up all her belongings and the remains of her self-esteem, then hits the road.
Who the hell cares.
When she ends up beating a fast path down memory lane to Haven, Texas, she comes face-to-face with her high school heartthrob Colton Maddox. The seductive, oh-so-bad boy still zaps her senses like a screwdriver in a two-twenty outlet. But can she trust him and her foolish heart long enough to live out even the most wild of her fantasies… which include happily ever after?

Jenna Jacob introduces a new series and she does it with a bang! It's a sexy, fast and delicious novella.

Jade Hollis is in a rut, she is just skating through life not really engaging with life around her, so when she loses her job and finds her current lover is actually a big ol' cheat, she throws her stuff in the truck and takes off for a fresh start.

Throw in the man who she has always loved, and the town that he lived at one point, being a stop on her route, and it's a recipe for a spectacular sexual romp that has chemistry that pops off the page. Colton Maddox is an incredibly sexy hero, and yes this is a short story, but it satisfies my favorite parts of a romance story.

I definitely recommend this story and am anxiously awaiting this series.

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