Sunday, July 20, 2014

Spike's Day Out by Zenina Masters - Review

Spike has come to grips with being bait, but finding out that she is the last of her kind and a swan stands between her and extinction is a bit to swallow.

Spike has grown up as a hedgehog among rabbits. She works for the Shifter Council as professional bait to obtain information and lure wrongdoers into situations that are not in their best interests.
She has finished work for the day and is eager to spend time with her family and friends. The intrusion of a swan into their bunny-day celebrations is not welcome, but the Shifter Council has ordered it.

Hedgehog shifters have nearly been completely destroyed, and now, Spike is the last of her kind. She has never been part of an extinct species before.
Albert is her bodyguard, and he takes her to the safest place the Shifter Council could think of. The Crossroads.

Spike is used to being bait, she likes her job. But when she becomes the last of her kind, her spikes become highly valuable, so she’s assigned a swan bodyguard named Albert, and he takes her to the Crossroads to protect her. Not really meant to fall in love, they quickly and easily do.

I really love how family oriented Spike is, and how easily Albert accepts her huge rabbit family. Another great story, which showed just a bit more of the complex world that is built around the main focus of the Crossroads in this series.

I received a copy for the purpose of review. I was not compensated for my review.

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