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Spotlight on Leila Lacey!

Contemporary Romance Author, Leila Lacey Launches A New Sensuous Novel “Dr. Black’s Patient”
Romance author, Leila Lacey is pleased to announce the launch of her new book “Dr. Black’s Patient”, which was published in print and as ebook on April 24th, 2014!
April 25, 2014, Michigan, United States- Leila Lacey, a romance author from Michigan has recently released her new sizzling novel that blurs the line between romance, interracial love & erotica. “The only thing better than a sexy man, is a sexy book.”

“Dr. Black’s Patient” is an interracial romance novel that narrates the story of a successful black woman Dr. Nya Black, who is a smart & sexy pediatric neuro-surgeon. Being raised in Deep South, she has seen the worst of racism and doesn’t usually trust white people. However, one day, her best friend Vixen marries a white guy, which comes as a shock to Nya, but somehow she tolerates their presence and vows she will never fall for a white guy and let anything like this happen to her. However, destiny has something else in store for her, when Salvatore Barbatelli comes in her life, a sexy, rich Italian man who never had to try too hard to get a girl, but when he meets Dr. Nya, a woman who doesn’t fall for his charms, things become quite interesting.
“Dr. Black’s Patient” is currently available from Amazon, Smashwords, CreateSpace and in paperback & ebook format!
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Excerpt from Dr. Blacks Patient
“Sharon, you paged me?” she said to the nurse that was standing there. Sharon had been with the hospital for 30 years. She knew everyone in the hospital and all their business except Nya’s.  Nya was a very private person and nothing but professional when she was at the hospital. But Sharon thought she might just get a little information about Nya after all based on the patient that was in curtain 3 demanding that only Dr. Nya take care of him.
“Yes, Dr. Black,” she said as she passed her a chart. “You have a patient in curtain 3 who refuses to see anyone but you. He will not even let the ER doctors look at him, only you.”
“Sharon, first I told you that you are the only person in this hospital that can call me Nya. Next, I am a pediatric neurosurgeon.  How can one of my patients be refusing any other doctor?” She took the chart and started to turn toward the bed that Sharon had pointed toward.
“He said that he was your patient and he only wanted to see you,” Sharon said smiling as she picked up the phone to answer it.
Nya put her backpack on the nurse’s station knowing they would take it behind the desk and put it someplace safe.  She took her badge out of her pocket and hooked it on the outside of her lab coat again. Like a professional adjustment from Nya to Dr. Black, she grabbed the chart and walked to the curtain and pulled it back saying,
“How can I make your boo-boo feel better, sweetie?”  Just as she finished the sentence she looked up into the eyes of Salvatore Barbitelli.
“Come over here and put those delicious lips right here on mine and that will be a good start,” Sal said.  He was sitting on the bed with gauze up to a cut on his forehead.
“What the f….” Nya stopped herself before she said something unprofessional. “Sal, what are you doing here and why did you have them page me?” Nya said looking at the chart in her hand for the first time now.
“Are you sure you are the top pediatric neurosurgeon in the country? Because I would have thought that was self-explanatory,” Sal said sarcastically wincing in pain at the 4 inch long gash above his right eyebrow.
“Yes, I am, Sal and if you keep talking, I am going to cut you stem to stern and see if I can sew you up before you bleed to death,” Nya said with total disgust in her voice.
Nya had not seen Sal since Vixen and Daniel’s wedding to which he had brought two brain damaged bimbette’s and had spent the entire reception flirting with Nya while the ladies found other “suitors”.  She had gotten to know Daniel a little over the past six months and she still did not get how he was best friends with this idiot!
“I will ask you again and for the last time Sal, how did you end up here and why did you have them page me?”  Nya walked across the room and placed the chart on the counter and started to wash her hands.
“Well, you are the best.  I was working on my bike and hit the throttle to test the pick-up and… well, things did not go as planned,” Sal said wincing again as she took the gauze from him and looked at the cut on his head. “Ouch,” he said as Nya touched the cut on his head examining how deep it was and how many stiches this moron would need.  Nya was nothing, if not professional, even though she hated being this close to him he was injured.
“Oh, suck it up, you big pussy!” she said. Nya took her stethoscope and started listening to his chest and back to make sure his lungs and heart were functioning properly. She was getting very pissed off with herself because she was getting turned on.
God, this man’s body was built for sin.  Nya had five different pictures flash through her mind of all the kinky positions she would like to be in with him.  Only, according to what Sal had said to Daniel about Vixen, Nya was too fat to have mind-blowing sex. She knew that was all this man wanted, so why was he pursuing her?
“Are you staring at my chest, Dr. Black?” Sal said with a sexy grin on his face.
“Yes, jerk, I am.  I am taking your vitals,” Nya replied shaking her head.  This man really thought that he was on the mind of every woman in the world. “You still have not told me why you came to this hospital and asked for me when there are plenty of capable doctors on staff here,” Nya said as she wrote his vitals on his chart.
“Well, I missed you, gorgeous. I have not seen you since the wedding. Have you gotten the flowers and notes and stuffed animals that I have been sending you?” he said to her smiling and reaching out to touch her arm.
Nya slapped his hand away and said “You are going to need at least 30 to 40 stiches on that cut and if you ever touch me again.  You are going to need a straw to eat and a full body cast,” she said, turning away to wash her hands. “I will have the ER doctor come in to stitch you up.”

Romance author, Leila Lacey has done it again. With the release of her Legacy Series, starting with The Beasley’s.   The launch of the first book in the series  “Southern Charm”, which will be published in print and as ebook on May 16th, 2014!

Shelby Beasley epitomizes the term “Southern Belle”. Raised in a wealthy southern family in Shelbyville Georgia. The Beasley’s are a southern family dripping in money, vestige, and tradition. Shelby’s father Jackson comes from and long line of responsibilities and expectations. While Shelby’s sister Savannah and her brother Grayson look exactly how a wealthy heir should look. Shelby is the ugly duck of the family. Smart as a whip and sweet as pie never seemed to be enough to make her parents proud. Shelby has always had one thing that never changed, her best friend Lance Chandler. Lance’s twin brother Logan has always been the man she desired and not just as a friend.
Logan Chandler was a poor nobody from the other side of the tracks. Logan and Lance’s father left their mother when she was pregnant with them. Logan’s mother LeAnn was a school teacher at one of the most prestige’s schools in the south, so the Chandler boys had been allowed to attend for free.  Logan had made some bad decisions as a kid and gone to prison at a young age. Though he has served his time and matured in juvenile detention, in Shelbyville he would always just be another ex-con. Because of that Logan trusts no one, but his twin brother Lance, and detest rich people and classism.
On the verge of opening his own motorcycle repair shop with his brother and getting full custody of his three year old daughter Gia. Logan’s life is content, as long as those rich snobs the Beasley’s stay out of his way.
When Shelby and Lance’s plans to make everyone think they are dating for her sister’s wedding to make her mother happy go array and they need Logan’s help to pull it off. Logan will discover there is one Beasley he would not mind getting to know a lot better. But will Shelby feel the same way.  
Now Available from Smashwords and B&N

Exert from Southern Charm
Ring. Ring. Shelby’s cell phone was ringing. “Cassidy, can you please get my phone for me?” Shelby yelled from the dressing room. Cassidy had demanded that Shelby go shopping with her and get a whole new wardrobe and let her pick everything. She had already selected thirteen new outfits and she was STILL trying on clothes.
“Darling, you just worry about putting those triple D Tata’s in that sexalicious bra!” Cassidy yelled from the other side of the dressing room door.
“Excuse me, ladies, can you keep your voices down, please.” The sales clerk had her nose turned up at Shelby from the moment they walked in the door.
“Excuse me? As much money as we are about to spend in this store, we are allowed to have a Diddy party up in here if we want to!” Cassidy said to the clerk. Shelby squealed and started laughing hysterically. “Why don’t you get my friend and I a glass of Champagne and take that stick out your ass while you are back there,” Cassidy finished with that distinct southern drawl shooing the sales clerk away.
“Well, I never!” the clerk said stomping away.
“Ha, that ain’t surprising!” Cassidy yelled, “And you never will, walking like that.  I think your thong is too tight!” she finished as the clerk stomped around the corner.
“CASSIDY! Stop that and hand me my phone!” Shelby said sticking her hand over the top of the stall.
“Oh, cool your britches, girl. I have the phone,” Cassidy said to Shelby looking at the phone. Hitting the ‘send’ button, she said, “Hey, sexy, how I can suck your dick for you today?” Cassidy said into the phone.

About Leila Lacey
Hailing from Michigan, Leila Lacey is a contemporary romance author in her 30’s who has been writing since the age of 10. She has published several books on relationships, love, romance genres.

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