Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Silence of the Wolf by Terry Spear - ARC Review

Gray werewolf Tom Silver is determined to find the wolves who have been attacking local livestock. While tracking the pack through the Rockies, a blizzard forces him into a remote cabin where he hears a plane crash nearby.

When he discovers the sole survivor is a beautiful female werewolf/coyote shifter mix, bound as a prisoner, he knows it's his duty to hide her. Now, they are both at risk as a search ensues for the missing prisoner.

Will Tom be able to protect this beautiful stranger while tracking down the wolves responsible for terrorizing the local livestock?

I’ve enjoyed every one of Terry Spear’s wolf books, and I was very happy to read the newest. It’s back with characters I fell in love with a while ago, throw in Elizabeth who is a werewolf/coyote shifter and it’s a unique and fresh tale. Silence of the Wolf follows Tom and Elizabeth as they fall in love, and in Elizabeth’s case learn to trust again.

I really recommend this story, it probably can be read as a stand alone, but since I’ve read all thirteen stories, it was like coming home for me. Ms. Spear has created a fascinating and interesting world that I enjoy visiting every chance I get.

I received a copy from Netgalley. I was not compensated for my review. 

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